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vocabulary # 6

Antiquated obsolete,out of fashion,no longer usable
Arable fit for plowing,tillable
Ascendancy domination; growing power
Atrophy to watse away,to wither
Clandstine secret
Conciliate to reconcile,to pacify,to renew friendship
Cursory superficial,casual,hastily done
Derision scoffing at,mockery,ridicule
Enmity absolute haterd
Extricate to free,to disentagle
Forbearance patience,lenience
Frivolous lacking in seriousness or importance
Garrulous talkative,rambling
Impetuous violent,hasty,rash,implusive
Industrious skillfully busy or occupied
Infamous having a reputation of the worst kind,vicious,notriously bad
Insolence insulting or contemptous behavior
Levity excessive frivolity,flippancy
Oblivion state of being forgotten
Paradoxical something that appears false or contradictory
Perjury false testimony under oath
Rancor bitter deep-seated ill will,enmity
Sycophant a self-serving flatterer,brownnoser
Vacillating changing,fluctuating
Vivid bright,distanct,and clear
Created by: Jaquana96