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Anatomy Final

how many quarts of blood does the average healthy adult have? between 5 and 6
where are red blood cells formed? bone marrow
The RH factor in blood is named for? Rhesus monkeys
which type of blood is known as the "Universal Donor"? Type O
Which blood type is most rare? AB-
which type of blood is known as the "Universal Recipient"? Type AB
Your Lungs contain _____ miles of airways. 1500
How many alveoli are your lungs? 300 million
How many pints of air do you breath in a minute? 13
Which Lung is larger, Right or left? Right
the highest recorded "sneeze speed" is ___ mph. 99
the Surface area of the lungs is roughly the same size as a....? Tennis Court
How much water weight do we lose in a day by breathing? 1/2 liter
How many times does a person at rest breath? 12-15 times a minute
The breathing rate is faster in men than it is in woman and children. True
How long are the Human intestines? 25 ft.
Horse intestine are how long? 89 ft.
Food sloshing in the stomach can last how long? 3-4 hours
How many tons of food will your stomach handle in a lifetime? 50 tons
how much saliva is produced in one day? 1-3 pints
The stomach wall is lined with how many layers of powerful muscles? 3
On average the stomach produces how many liters of HCI? 2
how many species of bacteria does the typical colon harbor? more than 400
How many adult teeth are there? 32
how much gas does a normal person pass each day? 1/2 liter
what is the Circular muscle at base of chest? Diaphragm
What is the Voice box Larynx
organ at the back of the mouth that allows passage of food and air Pharynx
Another name for the nose cavity Nasal Cavity
Carbon _____ gas dioxide
what part of the brain controls breathing? Brain Stem
Sticky substance that traps dust. Mucus
Small tube between the bronchus and the Alveolus. Bronchiole
flexible substance the protects front of windpipe Cartilage
Another Word for "breathing in". Inhalation
Large tube to each lung Bronchus
Gas needed for respiration. Oxygen
Breathing Out Exhalation
Air Sac Alveolus
Windpipe Trachea
Small hairs in respiratory tract. Cilla
Scientific name for fat and oil lipid
these are used for chewing food teeth
intestine that absorbs water into bloodstream large intestine
nutrients group containing meat, eggs and beans. protein
type of acid that makes up proteins amino acid
hole through which faces pass out of the body anus
storage organ for feces. rectum
fingerlike projections of small intestine villi
scientific name for fibre cellulose
hydrochloric ____ is made in the stomach Acid
nutrient group containing sugar, starch and cellulose. Carbohydrate
Fluid in the mouth Saliva
Green chemical that breaks fats into smaller globules Bilf
The duodenum is the ___ part of the small intestine First
organ at back of mouth where both food and air may pass Pharynx
Muscular contractions of the digestive tract Peristalsis
Chemical that breaks food into smaller particles Enzyme
____ juice is found in the stomach Gastric
bladder that stores bile gall
fats are broken down to fatty acids and ___. Glycerol
Examples of simple sugar Glucose
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