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Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) electronic databases for law enforcement purposes
Knowns contains prints of known individuals
Forensic files consists of images from unsolved cases
Fingerprint principles A fingerprint is an individual characteristic, a fingerprint will remain unchanged throughout a person's life time, and fingerprints have general characteristics ridge patterns that permit them to be classified
Minutia lines of the fingerprints
Exits describes the direction of lines coming in or out
Deltas triangle with ridges radiating outward in three directions
Arch has ridges that enter on one side of the finger and cross to the other side while rising upward in the middle Exits: 2 Deltas: 0
Loop must have one or more ridges entering and exiting from the same side it began Exits: 1 Deltas: 1
Whorl has at least one ridge that mkaes a complete circuit Exits: 0 Deltas: 2
Dactyloscopy the practice of using fingerprints to identify someone
Patent prints occur when a substance such as blood, ink, paint, dirt, or grease on the fingers of the perpetrator of a crime leaves behind a readily visible print
Plastic prints three-dimensional quality and occur when the perpetrator impresses a print into a soft substance such as wax, putty, soap
Latent prints "hidden" to the naked eye, consist of only the natural secretions of human skin and require treatment to cause them to become visible.
Eccrine largely water with both inorganic (ammonia, chlorides, metal ions, phosphates) and organic compounds, (amino acids, lactic acids, urea, sugars)
Apocrine secrete cytoplasm and nuclear materials
Sebaceous secrete fatty or greasy subatance
Lifting latent prints: powder adhere to both water and fatty deposits, choose a color to contrast with the background
Lifting latent prints: iodine fumes react with oils and fats to produce a temporary yellow brown reaction
Lifting latent prints: ninhydrin reacts with amino acids to produce a purple reaction
Lifting latent prints: silver nitrate react with chlorides to form silver chloride, a material which turns gray when exposed to light
Lifting latent prints: cyanoacrylate "super glue" fumes react with water and other fingerprint constituents to form a hard, whitish deposit
Lifting latent prints: lasers uses lasers and alternative light sources to view latent fingerprints
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