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Lesson 27 ATC p2


青年 qing1nian2 young people; youth
超级市场 chao1ji2 shi4chang3 supermarket
购买 gou4mai3 to buy
商品 shang1pin3 goods; merchandise
jiao1 to pay
离开 li2kai1 to leave
保安 bao3an1 security personnel
jiang1 =把
拦住 lan2zhu4 to hold back; to stop
推进 tui1jin4 to push into
仓库 cang1ku4 warehouse; storehouse
强行 qiang2xing2 to do sth by force
摘下 zhai1xia4 to take off (hat, glasses, etc)
解开 jie3kai1 to unbutton; to untie
打开 da3kai1 to open
bao1 bag; sack
进行 jin4xing2 to carry on; to conduct
检查 jian3cha2 to examine; to check; to inspect
偷窃 tou1qie4 theft
zou3 to leave; to go away
zheng4 precisely; exactly
典型 dian3xing2 typical
案例 an4li4 case
引起 yin3qi3 to give rise to; to lead to
公众 gong1zhong4 the public; the community
愤怒 fen4nu4 indigant; angry
理论 li3lun4 theory
实践 shi2jian4 practice
加强 jia1qiang2 to reinforce; to strengthen
研究 yan2jiu1 to study; to research; study; research
宣传 xuan1chuan2 give publicity to; advertisement
专业人士 zhuan1ye4 ren2shi4 professionals
群众 qun2zhong4 the masses
熟悉 shu2xi1 know sb/sth well
掌握 zhang3wo4 to grasp; to master
赋予 fu4yu3 to endow; to entrust
他人 ta1ren2 others; some other persons; another person
Created by: zhangkailin
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