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geography test 1

authoritarian leaders have almost to all political power
democracy a constitutionaql monarchy can also be a democracy
emigrant people who leave the country an dlive in another
culture hearth refers to a placfe where important ideas begin and from which they spread to surrounding cultures
totalitareianism were government tries to control every part of society ( politics, economy,and peoples lives
birthrate the # of live births each year per 1,000 ppl
immigrant people who move into the country
urbanization the growth of city populations
federation where some power is given to the national governmant and othr powers are reserverd for more local governments
sovereignty a nation's freedom from outside control
diffusion cultural element is transmitted across some distance form one group to another
confederation smaller political units keep their sivereignty and give the central governments verry limmited powers
populatin density the average # of poeple in a square mile or a square kilometer
cuture the beliefs and actions that define a group of peoples way of life
cultural divergence the restriction of a culture from outside cultural infuences
market economy an economic system that gives great freedom to individuals and groups
traditional economy little surplus is perduced, and there is relatively little need for markets were people can buy or sell goods
monarchy inherit their positions by being born into the ruling family( kings,queens,pharaohs,shahs,sultans)
command economy and economic system is controlled by a single,central government
commercial industries a large-scale manufacturing operation that employs many ppl and produces large qualitys of goods
geothermal energy is energy that comes from the earth's interal heat
primary when u produce somthing and keep it for its value
secondary when u produce somthing and you add value to it
tertiary are peolpe who come when services are required
quatnary someone who uses information
exports goods that are being sent out of one country and to another
fossil fuels a nonrenewable resorce, which form from the remains of ancient plants and animals
renweable resorces a natural resorce that is constantly being regenerated or replaced by the environment
nonrenewable resorces cant be replaced once the have been used
subsistance farming when u grow food only to eat the food and that is it
Created by: mzpriss741