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Allied Health

The Reproductive System

What do testes produce? They produce male gametes (spermatozoa) and male sex hormones- testosterone
Where is the testes and epididymis located? Found in pouch of skin called SCROTUM, size of a small egg, sperm is sotred in the EPIDIDYMIS
What is seminiferous tubules? This is where sperm develops
What is cryptorchidism? When testes doesnt descend
What is the scrotum? Sac of skin that contains testes
What is the vas deferens? Runs from epididymis to ejaculatory duct,
What are seminal vesicles? Connect to vas deferens, secretions nourish sperm
What is the ejaculatory duct? Connect vas deferns with urethra
What is the penis? Contains erectile tissue, end of penis covered by loose fitting skin- FORESKIN, foreskin removed during circumcision
What is the prostate gland? Surrounds beginning of urethra, size and shape of a chestnut, secretes a fluid that enhances sperm motility
What are the bulbourethral glands? Located on either side of prostate below prostate, add alkaline secretion to semen that helps sperm live longer,
What is erection and ejaculation? Urethra has dual role-excretion of urine and to expel semen, erection caused when erectile tissue fills with blod, ejaculation expels semen
What is impotence? Unable to copulate
What is infertility? When contraception does not occur- caused by damage to fallopian tubes, low sperm count, hormone inbalance, other disorders.
What are the ovaries? Primary sex organs of a female, in lower part of abdominal cavity, about the size of an almound, reproductive ability begins at puberty, a single follicle matures every 28 days
What are fallopian tubes? 4" long- not attached to ovaries, pregnancy that implants in tube-ECTOPIC PREGNANCY, smooth muscles and cilia helps propel ova into the uterus
What is the uterus? Hollow, thick-walled, pear-shaped, highly muscular organ, lies behind the urinary bladder and in front of the rectum,
What is the fundus? Bulging upper part of the uterus, the body is the middle portion, and the CERVIX is the narrow portion that extends into the vagina
What is the uterine wall? 3 layers, outer layer is the visceral peritoneum, thick muscle layer is the MYOMETRIUM, and the mucous lining is the endometrium
What is the vagina? Smooth muscle with a mucous membrane lining
What is the vulva? External organs of reproduction
What is the labia? Folds of skin that surround the vagina
What is the perineum? Area between vagina and rectum
What is episiotomy? Incision in perineum to make more room for childbirth
What are breats (mammary glands? Accessory organs, porlactin stimulates the mammary glands to secrete milk following childbirth.
What is the areola? Darkened area that surrounds the nipple
What is the menstrual cycle? Occurs every 28 dats, divided into 4 stages.
What is the first stage of the menstrual cycle? Follicle stage- FSH from pituitary to ovary, stimylates follicle with ovum to mature then releases estrogen and prepares uterine lining, lasts 10 days
What is the 2nd stage of the menstrual cycle? Ovulation stage- Pituitary stops FSH and release LH, 14th day- follicle ruptures and mature ovum released
What is the third stage of the menstrual cycle? Corpus luteum scretes progesterone. If ovum fertilizied, corpus lutuem cintinues secrete progesterone, which pevents further ovulation and maintains uterine lining, lasts 14 days
What is the 4th stage of the menstrual cycle? If no embryo, corpus luteum dissolves, progesterone, and uterine lining breaks down and is discharged, 3-6 days
What is menopause? Monthly menstrual cycle comes to an end, approximatley age 50, symptoms include: hots flashes, dizziness and headaches, emotional changes
What is fertilization? During sexual intercourse sperm enter female reproductive tract and live or a day or two, approximately 100 million sperm in 1cc of semen
How long is a normal pregnancy? 40 WEEKS OR 280DAYS also divided into 3 trimesters (3 month periods)
What is quickening? First recognizable movement of fetus between 4th and 5th month
What is a miscarriage? Spontaneous abortion
What is laparoscopy? Under anesthesia, adbomen distended with carbon dioxide gas to make organs easier to see, tube with a light on it is inserted through tiny incision
What is a mastectomy? Surgical removal of the breast
What is a mammogram? Breast x-ray to detect tumors, reccommended annually for women over 40
What is a vasectomy? Male sterilization, removal of part of the vas deferens
What is circumcision? Surgical removal of the foreskin
What is mastitis? Inflammation of the breast, bacteria enter through the nipple, infection begins in one lobule, may spread
What is the endometriosis? Endometrial tissue found outside the uterus, adbormal patches of the uterine lining, results in internal bleeding, inflammation of surrounding areas and formation of sacr tissue, dysenorrhea, infertility, heavy or irregular bleeding, the cause is unknown
What is cervical cancer? detected by a PAP SMEAR (PAPANICOLAOU)-sample of cell scrapings taken for microscopic study, should be done annually, RX; early detection, hysterectomy, chemothearpy, and radiation
What is toxic shock syndrome? Bacterial infection caused by staphylococcus, symptoms-fever, rash, hypertension, cause-use of tampons, RX;antibiotics
What is BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy)? Enlarged prostate, more than half of men in their sixties and 90% of men in tehir seventities have some symptoms, prostate enlarges but capsule does not, causing prostate to clamp down on urethra. This causes the bladder to become irritbale
What is gemital herpes? Viral, burning senasation with small blisters on genitalia, symptoms- disapper after 2 weeks but woll continye to reapper throughout the liftime of the individual, females may need a c-section to prevent infection of newborn during childbirth
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