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Europe Ch. 8 Darden

Physical Features Europe Chapter 8 Review

Socrates, Plato and Aristotle are great Thinkers
______ the Great made more conquests of Greece. Alexander
The____________ that all free citizens had the right to be treated equally. The 12 Tables
A period of peace, artistic growth and expanding trade that lasted for 200 years the Pax Romana period
Name the religion that developed during the Pax Romana period Christianity
Name the Jewish teacher that preached a message of love and forgiveness Jesus
The Byzantine Empire remained strong for how many years? 1000 years
Name the religion that was at the center of peoples' lives during the middle ages. Christianity
Name the Germanic king that united much of Western Europe during the middle ages. Charlemagne
A system in which peasants farmed the land of kings, nobles and church leaders in order to get housing and protection Feudalism
Name the land which was considered holy land to Christians Palestine
Religious wars were also known as ________ Crusades
Name the religion that gained popularity in Southwest Asia, North Africa and parts of Europe Islam
___________ killed a third of Europe's population in the 1300s Black Death or bubonic plague
A period from 1350-1550 in which the arts and learning were revived in Florence, Rome and Venice Renaissance period
Name two great painters and sculptors of the Renaissance Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci
In 1517, this religious leader set out to reform and correct certain church practices Martin Luther
True or False - Church unity and influene weakened while the power of kings and queens grew during the Reformation period. TRUE
Interest in ______________ led Portuguese to explore India and other parts of East Asia. exotic spices
In 1492, he attempted to find a route to Asia but instead he found Asia. Christopher Columbus
True or False - European settlements destroyed local cultures. TRUE
This Polish mathematician concluded that the sun, not the Earth, was at the center of the universe. Nicolaus Copernicus
This Italian scientist proved that new knowledge came from carefully observing and measuring the natural world. Galileo Galilei
_________ Revolution encouraged reason rather than faith or tradition for guidance. Scientific
True or False - The Age of Enlightenment is all about no longer needing candles and hand held torches. False
He encouraged citizens to overthrow the government in order to protect an individual's natural rights. John Locke
He led French revolutions but was defeated in 1815. Napolean Bonaparte
__________ Revolution lead to the creation of more machines and factories which replaced manual labor and making tools by hand. Industrial Revolution
True or False - New weapons caused European countries to compete more aggressively for control of colonies. TRUE
Name the currency used by the European Union. the euro
True or False - European governments do not provide for the sick, the needy and the retired. FALSE
True or False - Europe's population is stil increasing because of high fertility rates. FALSE
True or False - Paris and London are the largest rural areas on the globe. FALSE
True or False - Europe has the world's most advanced transportation networks. TRUE
True or False - Education is not taken seriously in Europe. FALSE
True or False - Incomes are higher there because Europeans have high literacy rates. TRUE
Many European workers get how many weeks of paid vacation yearly? 4 (four weeks)
True or False - Today, nany Europeans are more religious than ever. FALSE
William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes are famous _____________. Writers
Created by: cathydarden