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outsider vocab 1-3

Outsiders Vocab quiz St Mary's Chap 1-3

Editorial a newspaper or magazine stating an opioun
Madras light cotton shirt in a bright pink usually plaid
Rivalry competition
Sympathetic sharing the feelings of another
Quiver a slight trembling motion
Reputation the character of someone as seen by others
Suspicious showing distrust
Hastily done or made in a hurry
Incredulous feeling disbelief
Hesitation a pause because of forgetfulness or uncertainty
Hoodlum rowdy destructive adolescent
Stricken overcome with emotion
Muffle to lessen the sound of
Rebellious opposing authority
Gallant brave , noble
Rank having a bad smelly taste; position in a classification
Sophisticated not natural or simple; worldly
Aloof acting distant; indignant
Elite a socially superior group
Tension strain unrest
Resignedly Giving up without complaining
Reeling staggering or swaying
Created by: FASnyder