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What are the characteristics and needs of a living thing? Characteristics Of Life: Cellular Organization, Chemicals of Life, Energy Use, Response to Surroundings, Growth and Development, and Reproduction. Needs: Water, Food, Living Space, Stable Internal Conditions.
How do you write a scientific name? When typed, it needs to be italicized and the first word capitalized, and the second word not. When written, first word capitalized, and second word not.
What is Taxonomy The scientific study of how living things are classified.
What are the levels of the classification system? Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.
What is the difference between a stimulus and a response? A stimulus is a change in an organism's surroundings and a response is an action or change in behavior.
What is the difference between growth and development? Growth is becoming larger and development is becoming more complex.
What is the difference between a heterotroph and an autotroph? A heterotroph does not make its own food and they eat other organisms. An autotroph makes its own food.
What domains contains only prokaryotes? Bacteria and Archaea.
Cytoplasm The material within a cell apart from the nucleus.
What structures do the amoeba, paramecium, and euglena use to move? Flagellum-Euglena Cilia-Paramecium Pseudopods-Amoeba
What are the parts of the seed? Seed coat, embryo, cotyledon.
What are the female parts of a flower? Pistils which consist of sticky stigma, a slender tube called the style and hollow structure called the ovary at the base.
What are the male parts of a flower? Steman-Anther+Filament
What are the characteristics of angiosperms? Produces flowers and produces seed that are enclosed in fruit.
What do fungi have in common with animals? Heterotroph and eukaryotes.
What is the function of the hyphae in fungi? Breaks down food.
What is the chemical that is inside the chloroplast? chlorophyll.
What are the products of photosynthesis? sugar and oxygen.
What are the reactants of photosynthesis? Carbon Dioxide and water.
What structure in a cell is a storage area for water, food, and waste products? vacuole.
What is cellular respiration? Cell breaks its own simple food molecule such as glucose to release the energy they contain.
What structure on the leaf allows oxygen and water vapor out and carbon dioxide in? Stomata.
Why is the cuticle important to the plant? It protects the leaf from water loss.
What structure in plant allows movement of material? Vascular tissue such as xylem and phloem.
What is the function of the mitochondria? They convert energy in food molecules to energy the cell can use to carry out its functions.
What is the function of the chloroplast? Captures energy from sunlight and uses it to make for the plant cell.
What are the two stages of respiration? The first stage is when molecules of glucose are broken down into smaller molecules and the second stage is when the small molecules are broken down into even smaller molecules.
What structure releases the most amount of energy during respiration? Mitochondria.
What is the Cell Theory? All cells come from other cells, all living things are made of cells and cells are the basic unit of structure and function.
What are exmaples of active transport? Transporting by engulfing.
What is the difference between active tranport and passive transport? Active transport requires energy for the molecules to go in and out of the membrane. Passive transport is when molecules are dissolved through a membrane without using energy.
What are example of passive transport? Diffusion and Osmosis.
How does mitosis differ from meiosis? Mitosis i cell reproduction, and meiosis is process in cell division.
Why does the sex cell have only half of the amount of chromosomes as the body cells? It only has half because half goes to the parent. (they are distributed to different cells)
What is cross-pollination? Pollen is taken off one plant and brushed onto another flower on another plant.
What is self-pollination? Pollen from a flower that lands on the pitil of that same flower.
How do the nitrogen bases pairs join in DNA? The order of the nitrogen bases along the gene forms a genetic code that specifies what type of protein with be produced.
How do you complete a punnet square? Give an example. Show all possible allele combinations in the offspring.
What is the difference between a gene, chromosome, and DNA? A gene is a set of information that controls a trait, a chromosome is apart of chromatin, and DNA carries the information to the offspring.
What is the shape of DNA? Like a ladder. (it is called a double helix)
What is the difference between a genotype and a phenotype? An organism's phenotype is a physical appearance and an organism's genotype is its genetic make up, or allele combination.
What is a carrier? A carrier is a person who has one recessive allele for a trait but does not have the trait.
What is the difference between a hybrid and a purebred? A purebred is the offspring of many generations and a hybrid has two different alleles for a trait.
What is the genotype for a male? SS or the dominant.
What i the genotype for a female? Ss or the recessive.
What is a ex-linked trait? Genes on the X and Y chromosomes.
Mitochondria Rod shaped cell structures that convert energy in food to energy the cell can use to carry out its functions.