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4th quarter 9 week exam study cards ch 13, environmental problem

What organisms consume most of the waste material that enters into a wastewater treatment plant? BACTERIA
A community of different organisms such as plants, animals, fungi and bacteria, together with that area’s nonliving environment composed of air, soil, rocks and water is known as a WHAT? ECOSYSTEM
What are the main products of photosynthesis (also the main reactants of cellular respiration)? OXYGEN & GLUCOSE
Within both chloroplasts and mitochondria, WHAT element's ions form a gradient across a membrane? hydrogen
What would be the hazard to a wastewater treatment plant if a business were to have flushed into the drains some sort of hazardous material? It would kill the bacteria needed to digest the wastes.
What can form in an athlete’s muscles and causes soreness? lactate acid
What does glucose represent in the plant world? A chemical for the storage of energy from the sun.
How many stories tall are the largest pieces of glacier that calf off icebergs shown in class? 32
The majority of living things use atmospheric oxygen as a reactant in order to complete “what process?” cellular respiration
What is a ‘byproduct’ of photosynthesis? oxygen
Why is the first stage of photosynthesis termed the ‘light dependent’ reaction? light (photons) is required for it to happen
What happens to an electron after it is ‘bumped’ out of its original spot in a photosynthetic pigment? It bumps into other electrons
What foods can be made with the help of fermentation? bread products and alcohol products
Within what organelle is chlorophyll usually found? chloroplast
What temperature is used to melt metal scraps? 3000 F
What plastic product did a small business make from recycled milk jugs and car oil containers (in a video shown in class)? fences
What energy storing molecule is produced (synthesized) in the second stage of photosynthesis? sugar (glucose)
What energy releasing process does NOT require oxygen? fermentation
What is water’s main immediate, initial, role in photosynthesis? Donate electrons
What exactly is ‘it’ that knocks an electron out of the electron’s original spot in a photosynthetic pigment? photons
What color plastic pieces seem to be ingested by animals the most because it’s the same color as krill? tan
From research done and presented in class, for every one pound of zooplankton in the ocean, how many pounds of synthetic plastics are there? 6
How are they restoring propeller scars in the Florida Keys? using sediment bags
What is being found inside the stomachs of many dead albatross birds? plastic bottle caps
According to the research presented, what type of sound frequency would best be used for an alarm to warn manatees to get out of the way of an approaching boat? high
What are some concerns that people have when a landfill is located near their neighborhood? odor,leaky liners, broken pipes
How has the invasive species, starlings, caused death in humans? cause airplane crashes
What things mentioned in class, is a fire ant capable of destroying? corn crops and electrical boxes
What are some things that are removed in the preliminary steps of wastewater treatment? remove sand, grit and large objects
Why do they aerate and stir the wastewater at treatment plants? It helps bacteria digest wastes
What analogies were presented in class to the processes of photosynthesis? newtons cradle, mousetrap game, hydro electric plant
Heterotroph is to CONSUMER as …. Autotroph is to _____________________ ? producer
Why do they cover the trash each night at landfills with six inches of dirt? reduce pests, odor, and wind blown trash
What is the “active face” of a landfill? site where garbage is 1st dumped
Where is the leachate often sent? wastewater treatment plant
What percent of the world’s frozen fresh water is contained in Antarctica? 90
What do : Venus fly traps , people, mice and whales have in common? all considered heterotrophs
There was a conveyer belt shown in a video which has an electromagnetic field called an ‘eddy current separator’. What type of container is effectively propelled across a diverter? aluminum
Why do they flip the cars over before putting them into the shredder? check for gas tanks
Oxygen that is produced within a plant can mainly exit the plant through what plant structure? stomata
Within the chloroplasts, large amounts of hydrogen ions build up due to WHAT EVENT? photolysis
Where does the oxygen formed within a chloroplast come from during photosynthesis? water being split
What is the purpose of the pipes that crisscross the surface of a landfill ? collects methane
What law requires that the US attempt to help save the polar bear? Endangered species act
What are the products of cellular respiration? H2O CO2 ATP
Within the cells of which KINGDOM’S organisms do stomata occur? plant
What are the ‘powerhouses’ of the cell where the second stage of respiration occurs? mitochondria
What process would you expect to occur within a mitochondria? cellular respiration
Within the cells of which KINGDOM’S organisms do mitochondria occur? plant, animal, and fungi
In the past 100 years, how many degrees Fahrenheit has the average Earth temperature increased? 1.3
What is a temporary storage molecule for the energy produced during the first stage of photosynthesis, prior to it being invested in the form of bonds holding glucose together? ATP
Why is photosynthesis sometimes referred to as a ‘carbon fixation’ process? changes carbon from a gaseous phase to solid phase
What special energy molecules are produced as hydrogen flows across the membranes inside a chloroplast? ATP
Within the cells of which KINGDOM’S organisms does cellular respiration occur? plant, animal, fungi and some bacteria
What are three main advantages of plastic lumber over wood lumber? no rotting, has colors, low maintainance
What are the reactants of RESPIRATION? OXYGEN & GLUCOSE
What is the main event occurring during the first phase of photosynthesis? PHOTOLYSIS
Which COLOR pigment is the LEAST effective for photosynthesis to occur? GREEN
How is it that ‘the situation can actually get WORSE’ after an initial prop scar occurs? EROSION
In order to be able to legally dump garbage into the Atlantic Ocean, how many miles offshore must you minimally be from Florida? 3
The BP Gulf oil leak was FINALLY controlled by what methods? RELIEF DRILLING, CAPPING
What boating laws are in place to attempt to make the waters a safer place for manatees? IDLE SPEED / NO ENTRY
What can be done with the left over “sludge” or “cake” that is generated in the treatment process? APPLY IT TO FARMLAND AS A SOIL CONDITIONER
Why are landfills constructed with liners at their base? SO GARBAGE "JUICES" DO NOT LEAK INTO GROUND
What is the term given to a group of organisms NOT native to the area that they are located within? EXOTIC SPECIES
What things must be removed from a car before recycling (shredding) the car begins? FLUIDS, MERCURY SWITCHES, BATTERIES, GAS TANKS
What could be done with byproduct methane gas that is produced when waste materials are digested by micro-organisms? HEAT BUILDINGS, OR CONVERT TO ELECTRIC
The solar cells in a calculator are most like which of the following cellular components? CHLOROPLASTS
At the bottom of the ocean around thermal vents, through what process are bacteria able to obtain energy from sulfur gases? CHEMOSYNTHESIS
In what decade did the US start mandating regulations for wastewater treatment? 1970'S
In the late 1800’s, where did most municipalities dump their garbage? BODIES OF WATER
According to the EPA, how much TONS of garbage is generated on average per person each year? 3 / 4
If all of Antarctica were to melt, approximately how many meters high would the sea level rise? 65
In Greenland, the Ilulissat Glacier has been monitored since 1805. How many miles has it retreated during this time? 35
Why is a mushroom NOT considered an autotroph? inability to make its own food
How does carbon dioxide mainly enter into a tree? STOMATA
What fraction of the US population has NOT ever seen the Milky Way galaxy? 2 / 3
How does research suggest that light pollution affects women? MORE LIKELY TO GET BREAST CANCER
The process of photosynthesis uses light energy for what purpose? PUTTING CO2 AND HYDROGEN TOGETHER
What percent of the stars once visible from the area of the Empire State Building in the 1700’s are visible today in that same area? < 1
What do Large amounts of hydrogen that accumulate inside special compartments within the chloroplast represent? POTENTIAL ENERGY
By what means did invasive species, such as zebra mussels, arrive in the United States? BOAT BALLAST
What is “Leachate?” THE "JUICES" FROM GARBAGE
What did a recent lawsuit force the US to do in order to help the polar bears recover? ADDRESS THE PROBLEM OF GLOBAL WARMING
Created by: schneiderw11