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What is irrigation? The process of watering agricultural plants through artificial means like wells,tank, canals,etc State the reasons why irrigation is necessary /important
State 3 means of irrigation Wells,tanks canals
What are the areas where well irrigation takes place? Punjab,harayana,UP,MP,AP,maharastra,rajasthan ,goa,gujurat
Why is well irrigation mainly confined to the alluvial plains? Due to the soft nature of the soil wells can be easily dug,yield of cropsfrom land(after irrigation) is relatively high
Name 4 methods of well irrigation " "
How are fields irrigated using the persian well method?
State the adv. of well irrigation Wells can be dug at a low cost within the means of the poor farmers Oxen which are kept for ploughing the field can be used for drawing water from the wells at no extra cost By use of pumps and tubewells,water can be lifted from even greater depths
State the disadvantages of well irrigation Depnds on undrgrd watr resources-distributn varies frm region2region.Difficult 2dig wells/bore tubewells in hilly regions of N,stony areas of peninsula wells dry up-overwithdrawal of ground water,lowrg wtr tbl.electricty 2 operate tubewells costly 4 farm
What are the 2 types of canal irrigation? Inundation canals,Perennial canals
What are inundation canals? These canals are taken pout directly from the rivers without constructing any barrages or dams.Such canals use the excess water of rivers at the time of t he floods and remain operational during the rainy season
Why are inundation canals in limited use? beds of inundation canals are a level higher than those of rivers .they get their supply of water only when the rivers are flooded
What are perennial canals? canals that are taken out from the perennial rivers by constructing barrages to regulate the flow of water
Name the least irrigated state solely dependent on canals Mizoram
Where is canal irrigation practised? UP,MP,AP,rajasthan,haryana,jammu and Kashmir,assam ,Tripura
Name three important canals in Punjab haryana Bhakra,upper bari doab,bist doab
Name major canals in rajasthan Indira gandhi canal,Bikaner canal,canals of the Chambal project
Name imp canals in UP Ramganga canal,sharda canal,bethwa canal
Imp canals in the south Tungabhadra project,Krishna and Godavari deltas
Where is nearly 1/3 of irrigation dependent on canal irrigation Tamil nadu
State the advantages of canal irrigation Rainfall deficiency made up by canals taken out frm perennial rivers.In arid areas rajasthan,canals are a boon due to which sandy patches are yielding good agricultural harvests.CI has enabled Punjab and Haryana to be the ranary of the country and nucleus
State the disadvantages of CI
steps taken by indian farmer to prevent soil erosion "Strip Cropping Terrace farming Prevent Over Grazing Planting trees to act as wind breaks Check burning of forests and pastures Bunds in fields, gullies and ravines Contour ploughing STOP BBC"
what is meant by soil erosion? detachment and transportation of the upper layers or top soil - resulting in the deterioration of the soil
causes of soil erosion? "Gully erosion due to deforestation of hills
Overgrazing of the land by animals Rainfall in upper regions with steep gradient Continuous Cultivation of a particular crop; caused by running water, wind and man"
Silica? small crystalline grains which are chief constituents of sand. Derived mainly by the breaking up of rocks very slowly
characterestics of clayey soil Cracks when dry, sticky when wet, water Logged when too much water, heavy soil which retains water
Sheet Erosion removal of even layer from the whole top soil by water. Harmful as it removes the finer and more fertile particles, mainly caused by cultivation which weakens soil and rain water runs off surface carries away topsoil
Crops of black soil/regur sugarcane, tobacco, oilseeds, millets, wheats, and jowar, cotton (STOMWaJC)
crops of laterite soil Tea, Coffee,Rubber,Tapioca,Cashew (laTcRiTc)
why is Laterite unsuitable for agriculture? Highly Acidic, not Retain Moisture (HARM) poor in potash, phosphoric acid and Lime (PiPPL)
products obtained by refining crude oil petrol, diesel,kerosene,benzene,vaseline,paraffin wax
major crude producing areas of india 63% bombay high, 18% gujarat, 16% is TN, Andhra and Arunachal
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