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Geography final

final exam review

In the U.S. large cities have moved from the Northeast to where? south west
This continent will experience the greatest increase in uurbanization by 2050 Africa
This city structure has wedges radiating out from the central business district Sector model
This US city structure that has industry located around the central business district and upper class homes on the outskirts of the cit concentric ring model
This US city structure that has small business districts scattered throughout the city. multi-nuclei model
Historically, cities developed along rivers for water and transportation
. In European cities, the upper class tends to cluster the city center for access to amenities
The United Nations measure development of a country. HDI
One strong indicator of low development is more primary sector workers than secondary or tertiary sector workers
A primary sector of jobs Farming
A secondary sector of jobs Factory work
Prior to the Industrial Revolution, the distribution of industry was Dispersed
Situation costs are critical to a firm wishing to minimize transport costs
The mode of industrial transportation that is cheapest, but slowest, shipping
The mode of industrial transportation that offers the most flexibility is vehicle (trucks)
The mode of industrial transportation that is quickest is airplane
The consumer good whose widespread availability reflects a high level of development is television
A trading bloc that involves Canada, the US and Mexico NAFTA
The organization works to eliminate trade barriers throughout the world WTO
A model that an LDC could follow to increase development self-sufficiency
. An LDC could borrow money for development from The World Bank
The Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain
The cottage industry system involved manufacturing in the home
A copper concentration mill tends to locate near a copper mine because it is a bulk-reducing industry
Transnational corporations have transferred some work to less developed countries because of access to labor
The most common contribution that developing countries have to offer industry low-wage workers
Western Europe’s most important industrial area Rhine-Ruhr Valley
. The process whereby an increasing percentage of people live in an urban area urbanization
The area of a city where retail and office activities are clustered Central Business District
The maximum distance people are willing to travel for a service range
A city at least twice as large as the next smaller city primate city
The minimum number of people needed to support a service threshold
The hierarchical organization of settlements by size is known as rank-size rule
This fossil fuel has the largest worldwide reserves coal
This crop that is most widely grown throughout the world wheat
The commodity that is MN's highest grossing product corn
In a subsistence form of agriculture, what percent of their population, on average, are farmers 55%
What seed has an unknown hearth rice
The US exports what fraction of the world corn ½
Some regions produce more cheese than milk because they are outside the milk shed
The distinctive type of agriculture practiced in the US Midwest, from Ohio to Iowa mixed crop & livestock
The most abundant metallic mineral iron
This sea is drying up Aral Sea
The oldest documented city Ur
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