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English III

Unit 10 and 11 Vocabulary

Decriminalize- To do away with legal penalties for; legalize; permit
Incriminate- To reveal guilt or make (someone) appear guilty; implicate
Recimination- An accusation made in reply; a counter-charge
Culpable- Deserving blame; liable
Culprit- One responsible for a crime; perpetrator
Mea Culprit- Statement uttered to show personal responsibility for a wrong
Onus- Burden or obligation
Onerous- Unpleasant or burdensome
Exonerate- To plead that one's innocence; prove not guilty; acquit
Approbation- Approval
Reprobate- Scoundrel; immoral or dishonest person
Reprove- To criticize or scold
Diffident- Shy; assertive
Fidelity- Trustworthiness; loyalty
Confide- To entrust with information or secret
Fallacy- A misleading or mistaken idea
Fallacious- Misleading and deceptive
Fallible- Imperfect; capable of being mistaken
Credible- Able to be trusted
Credence- Trust or belief
Credulity- Tendency to believe things too quicly or easily
Incredulous- Unable to believe something; skeptical
Dubious- Uncertain
Indubitable- Certain beyond doubt; absolute
Redoubtable- Worthy of fear or respect; formidable
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