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6th gr Science Exam

classification the process of arranging animals other things into groups according to their similarities
characteristics of an insect has head thorax abdomen/6 legs/simple & compound eye/ antennae/spiracle hind win forewing/ tracheae air sacs
class spiders belong to arachnids
characteristics of a crustacean head thorax abdomen/10 jointed legs/4 antennae/ eye on eye stalks/gills/ body parts grow back
regeneration missing body parts grow back
geologist scientists who study the earth
earthquake any trembling or shaking of the earths crust
difference between magma and lava magmas in the earth lavas out of the earth
sedimentary rock rock that is formed from sediments that have been pressed together into solid rock
igneous rock rock that forms when molten rock solidifies
metamorphic rock the change of a rock into a new type of rock
galaxy a star system containing from millions to billions of stars
nebulae large clouds of gas and dust floating through space
Name for North Star Polaris
Brightest star in the night sky Sirius
Hottest part of the sun's atmosphere Corona
Sir Isaac Newton famous for studying the visible spectrum,made Newtonian telescope, made universal laws of gravity
Yuri Gagarin the first person to travel in space
Robert Goddard " The Father of Modern Rocketry "
Neil Armstrong the first human being to set foot on the moon
John Glenn The first American to orbit earth
oscillation a back and forth motion that repeatedly follows the same path
wavelength the length of one complete wave or cycle of oscillation
refraction the turning back or turning aside of any wave when it hits an obstacle
geostationary follows the earths orbit
Mercury the closest planet to the sun
Venus the hottest planet in our solar system
Mars 1/2 the size of earth and the gravity is weaker. called red planet
Jupiter the largest planet in our solar system
Saturn the most glorious rings of any planet in our solar system
Uranus the entire system is turned on its side
Neptune orbit is unpredictable day-16 hrs yr-165 days
polar orbit traveling perpendicular to the equator
Matter anything that takes up space and has weight
Weight a measure of the pull of gravity on an object
Mass the amount of matter that makes up an object
Density the amount of matter in one unit of volume
Element substances that are composed of only one type of atom
Molecule a tiny group of two or more atoms that are bonded tightly together
Compound Substances that are composed of more than one type of atom bonded together
Atoms all matter is composed of these tiny particles
Nucleus the tiny, extremely dense core of an atom
Electron negative charge
Neutron neutral, no charge
Proton positive charge
Electron shell Electrons in the same distance from the nucleus
Atomic number every single element has this
Combustion whenever a substance reacts rapidly with oxygen
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