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9th grade root words

9th grade biology: prefixes,root words, and suffixes

a Without
ab Away from, not
aceous Pertaining to
ad Near, toward
aero Air
amphi Both
an Without
ana Up, back, again
anti Against
aqua Water
archae Ancient
arthr Joint
ase Enzyme
ation (noun form) The act of
auto Self
bacterio Bacteria
bi Two
bio Life
blast That which will germinate
capill Hair
cardi Heart
carn Flesh
caud Tail
centr Center
cell Center
cephal Head
chem Dealing with chemicals
chloro Green
chondr Cartilage
chromo Color
clado Branch, root of a tree
coel Cavity
com With
con With
cyst Capsule
cyto (e) Cell
decid To cut off
derm Skin
di, dipl Two
echino Spiny
eco Household
ecto Outer
elle Small
en Inner
endo Inner
epi On, at, beside
erythro Red
eu True
eso Inward, within, inner
ex Cut
exo Outer, outside
fer Bearer
fibr Fiber, thread
gamete(o) Egg, sperm
gastr Stomach
gen Producing
gene Origin, birth
geo Land, earth
gluc, glyc Sweet sugar
gnath jaw
grav Heavy
gymno Naked
hapl Simple
helminth Worm
hemo Blood
herb Non-woody plant
hetero Other
homeo Same
homo Same
hydro Water
hyper Above, excessive
hypo Below, not enough
ia Disease
iac Pertaining to
ic Pertaining to
ichthy Fish
inter Between
intra Within
iso Same
itis Inflammation of
karyo Nucleus of cell
kin Motion
lac Milk
lat Side
lip Fat
logy Study of
lysis Dissolving
macro Large
mal Bad
med Middle
mega Very large
mer Part
meso Middle
meta Beyond, after
meter Measure
micro Small
mito Thread
mono One
morpho Shape, form
multi Many
mut Change
myo Muscle
nema Thread
neuro Nerve
nom, nomy ordred knowledge, law
non Not
nucleus Center
oligo Few, little
oma Tumor
omni All
osis Act, condtion
oo Egg
ous Full of
ovi Egg
oxy Oxygen
para Beside
patho Disease
ped Foot
peri around
permea Pass, go
phage(o) eating
pheno To show
phil Affinity, preference, loving
phob Fear, panic
photo light
phyll leaf
phyto(e) Plant
pino to drink
plasma form
plast Particle
platy Flat
pod Foot
poly Many
por Opening
post After, behind
pro Before
proto First, earliest
pseudo False
pulmo Lung
radi Ray
ren Kidney
sacchar Sugar
sal Salt
sclero Hard
scope Tube
script Write
seb Oil
sect To cut
solv Loosen, free
soma(e) Body
sperm Seed
spore Seed
stasis Standing, staying
stom Mouth
sub Under, below
sym Binding together
syn Binding together
tax Arrange, put in order
telo End
terr Earth, land
tetra Four
therm Heat
thesis Placing or putting
trans Across
tri Three
toxi Poison
trop Turn
troph Nourishment
uni One
ur Urine
viv Living
vore To devour
zoo Animal
zyg United
Created by: IloveZeus