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Heart Test Anatomoy

The hart has _____ chambers. 4
The 2 upper chambers of the heart are called the upper _____. Atria
The 2 Lower Chambers of the heart are called the Lower _____. Ventricles
The Atria is thinner and less Muscular than the ______. Ventricles
The "receiving chambers" of the heart are the _____ because they receive blood from the body and the lungs Atria
The "Discharging Chambers" of the heart are the ______ because they pump blood out of the heart Ventricles
Another name of the Cardiac tissue is? Myocardium
The wall that divides the chambers down the middle is called the? septum
the tissue that lines the inside of the heart is called? Endocardium
Inflammation of this membrane is called _____ and can lead to thrombus. Endocarditis
The covering of the heart is called the? Pericardium
Inflammation of this membrane is called? Pericarditis
Contraction of the heart is referred to as Systole
Relaxation of the heart is referred to as Diastole
When the Atria contract, blood is forced into the? Ventricles
When the Ventricles Contract, blood is forced? Out of the heart to the body
The function of the valves is to? Prevent Back flow of Blood
The Valves located between the atria and the ventricles are the _____ and _____ valves. Tricuspid & Mitral
The Valves that separate the ventricles and blood vessels that carry blood out or into the heart are the ______ valves Semilunar
when blood seeps through valves an abnormal sound may be heard with a stethoscope called a/an? Heart Murmur
The "Pacemaker" of the heart is called the ? SA Node
Both Nodes are Located in what chamber of the heart? Right Atrium
A ventricular beat follows an atrial beat true
Narrowed Valves that slow blood flow Stenosed Valves
Allows blood to flow back into the atria Mitral valve prolapse
Abnormal Heart Sound Heart Murmur
Allows blood to flow backwards incomplete valves
Inflammatory response to streptococcus Rheumatic heart disease
The heart of the Pig has ____ chambers Four
Blood is sent to the body from the heart through which blood vessel? Aorta
Valves that open into the pulmonary trunk and the aorta are called? Semilunar
The Aorta connects to the? Left Ventricle
The Vessels that supply blood to the heart itself Coronary
Created by: JFoxx