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Final Exam Latin Sen

sentences from tests on the final exam

Utrum diu in Graecia manebis an brevi tempore Romam redibis? Will you stay in Greece for a long time or in a short time will you return to Rome?
Flaccus, qui filium valere iusserat, Romam rediit Flaccus, who had bid goodbye to his son, returned to Rome
Mater Horatiae narravit ea quae scripserat Flaccus Mother told Horatia which Flaccus had written
Scintilla colonos qui in agris laborant salutavit Scintilla greeted the farmers who were working in the fields
Uterque Roma venerate et ad Greaciam navigabat Each had come from Rome and was sailing to Greece
Epistolam scripsit quam uxori misit He wrote a letter, which he sent to his wife at home
Multi viatorum, quibuscum Quintus colloquium faciebat, valde anxii erant Many travellers, with whom Quintus was making conversation, were vary anxious
Utra manu librum ferebat In which hand was he carrying a book?
Ceasar, a coniuratis occisum, prope statuam Pompeii iacebat Caesar, having been killed by the conspirators, was lying near the statue of Pompeii
Aeneas, a Mercurio monitus, naves paravit Aeneas, having been warned by Mercury, prepared the ships
Plurimi amici ad nuptias vocati cenam magnificam a Scintilla paratam sumpserunt Many friends having been called to the wedding, consumed the magnificent feast having been prepared by Scintilla
Decimus Horatiae, domineae familiae iam factae, aquam et ignem dedit Decimus gave water and fire to Horatia, now having been made the marten of the family
Decimus Horatiam ad novam domum ductam super limen sustulit Decimus lifted Horatia over the threshold, having been led to her new home
Iuvenes, his verbis commoti, Omnia fecerunt sicut Theomnestus iusserat The young men, having been moved by these words, did all just as Theo had ordered them
Marcus Quintum in via visum in tabernam duxit Marcus led Quintus into the tavern having been seen in the street
Mox advenit et a discipulis salutatus nihil respondit Soon he arrived and having been greeted by his students, didn’t respond
Centurion hostes in proelia captos ad imperatorem duxit The centurion led the enemies having been captured in the battle to the general
Coniurati ab Antonio oppugnati ex urbe fugerunt The conspirators having been attacked by Antony fled from the city
Flaccus his rumoribus magnopere commovebatur Flaccus was being moved greatly by these rumors
Cicero rumoribus, quos de Marco acceperat, maxime vaxatus est Cicero was very annoyed by these rumors, which he had received about Marcus
Hac epistola Marcus valde commotus est; nam pater Athenas veniebat Marcus was very moved by this letter, for his father was coming to Athens
Brutus et milites eius ab omnibus civibus laudabuntur Brutus and his soldiers will be praised by all of the citizens
Filius meus Athenis studet; in bellum a Bruto trahetur My son studies in Athens, he will be dragged into the war by Brutus
Respublica in bellum civile iterum trahitur. Nec ius leges valebunt The republic is being dragged into civil war again. Neither laws nor Justice will be strong
Created by: desantis75205