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Darwin proposed the Theory of Descent with Modification
Redi helped disprove Spontaneous Generation with jars and meat
Pasteur showed life came from life with sealed flasks with traps
Spallanzani worked on disproving Spontaneous Generation 100 years before Pasteur
Lyell Developed the Geological theory of Uniformitarianism
Wallace got little credit for his National Selection Theory
Lamarck proposed the Acquired Trait Theory which was wrong
How old is the Earth? 4.54 Billion years old
What are the three of the gases that Stanley Miller tested that were in the early atmosphere of the earth possibly producing amino acids? -CO2 -NH3 -CH2
List below three different types of fossils -amber -molds/cast -bogs
Give an example of two Homologous structures. -human hand bones -whale flipper bones
Give an example of two Analogous structures. -bird wings -bat wings
What term describes the ability of an organism to pas its genes on to the next generation? fitness
Give an example of a vestigial structure. tail bone
If organisms are becoming more alike, what type of evolution is occurring? convergent evolution
List the five conditions needed for the Hardy-Weinberg formulas to give consistent allelic frequencies within a population. -large population -no mutations -no immigration/emmigration -random mating -equal survivorship of young to reproductive age
What are three main ideas that Darwin had about Natural Selection? -diversity of characteristics within population -they adapt to their surroundings -natural selection with breeding
Created by: Heymann