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Rheumatic Heart Disease

During a flare up what TX is used Anti Inflammatory drugs
How to prevent future infection Antibiotics
s/s of non cardiac RF Polyarthritis, headache, behavioral changes, nodules on the skin.
s/s of RHD Fluid build up around heart(pouch effect) Cardiac muscle tissue, and lining of heart. Causes Arrythemias, Murmurs can occure because of damage to AV valves. Start to show signs of CHF (either Rt or Lt)
ASO- antibody test DX for RHD Is for Anti Strep O antibody.
what is the Etiology of RHD Idiopathic, always sequella to Step Infection.
what does autoimmune mean Body builds antibodies to self. Antibody-collagen Reaction,causes inflammation to heart tissue:Pericarditis (effusion), Myocarditis (arrythmias), and Endocarditis (valve damage). Leads to Scar Tissue (Loss of valve functions, Arrhythmias)
other TX options for sever RHD Mesh around heart.Surgery to repair or replace damaged valves.Aggressive with Infections (avoid or treatment). Requires changes for rest of life.
what does RHD lead to arrhythmia, valve damage, fluid build up
what could RHD lead to if not treated Congestive heart failure(either Rt or Lt)
What is the prognosis of RHD Life long- manageable
What is Rheumatic Heart Disease Damaged heart valves and dysrhythmias caused by rheumatic fever. Impares cardiac function.
What tests are used to diagnose RHD? ASO agglutination test, Echo, EKG
Created by: owossopatho