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Latin Ch. 42-45

haud not
adstantes bystanders
apodyterium, -i changing room
caldarium, -i hot room
dies, diei day
dominus, -i master
domus home
frigidarium, -i cold room
fur, furis theif
iauna, -ae door
ludus, -i school
palaestra, -ae exercise ground
pavimentum tiled floor
turba, -ae crowd/mob
vestimentum, -i clothing
accidit it happens
cado, cadere to fall
conor try
constituo, constituere to decide
desileo, desilire to dive in
effugio, effugere to flee
evado, evadere to escape
labor, labi, lapus sum to slip and fall
laudo, laudere to praise
maneo, manere to remain/ stay
moror, ari to stay
regresior, regrei to return
relinquo, relinquere to leave behind
sequor, sequi to follow
subsequor, subsequi to follow (behind)
surripio, surripere to steal
video, videre to see
Created by: swimmergirlm