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Dubj Science

7th Grade Science

A group of organisms of the same species living in the same area at the same time is called a Population
The place where an organism lives and has its needs met is its Habitat
Includes the living organisms and the nonliving environment in which they live A forest ecosystem
The name given to an organism that uses the sun's energy to make its own food Producer
Any resource that is needed by an organism but is in low supply could be described as a Limiting factor
A species that is not normally found in an area is referred to as Exotic
The study of interactions between organisms and their environment is Ecology
A fight between organisms for the same resource is Competition
An organism's way of life including how it meets its needs for survival is described as a Niche
Many different species of organisms living in one place is descrived as a Community
An organism that eats another organism for food is a Consumer
Food, water, shelter are examples of a Resource
The portion of Earth where all life exists is the Biosphere
A species that is normally found in an area is referred to as Native
A dead tree would be classified as Biotic
The boundary layer of gases between Earth's surface and space is Atmosphere
The conversion of liquid water to water vapor is Evaporation
The gas required as an input of respiration is Oxygen
A combination of minerals, rocks and humus make up Soil
The method of obtaining energy without the use of sunlight is Chemosynthesis
Water would be classified as ______________ because it has never been alive Abiotic
The most abundant gas located in Earth's atmosphere is Nitrogen
The average weather of an area can be described as Climate
The gas released as an output of respiration is Carbon Dioxide
The conversion of water vapor to liquid water is Condensation
Reference to the proximity of a location on Earth between the equator and the poles is Latitude
Reference to a location on Earth and its proximity to sea level is Elevation
Water that falls from the atmosphere to Earth's surface is Precipitation
Sunlight heating up the surface of a puddle causing it to dry up would be which phase of the water cycle Evaporation
The grass being covered in dew in the morning after a clear night without rain would be which phase of the water cycle Condensation
A plant's leaves starting to wilt during a hot summer day would be which phase of the water cycle Transpiration
Snow falling during a cold winter day would be which phase of the water cycle Precipitation
Which process would describe energy being released from glucose molecules Respiration
Which process would describe light energy being converted into chemical energy Photosynthesis
Which process would describe bacteria releasing energy from sulfur molecules Chemosynthesis
Which process would describe bacteria releasing nutrients that are usable for plants Nitrogen Fixation
Tool used to predict the possible offspring of a mating Punnett Square
The way an organism looks and behaves Phenotype
Allele represented with a capital letter (T) Dominant
Genetic makeup of an organism Genotype
An organism that receives different genetic information from each parent Hybrid
Many genes working together to produce a trait Polygenic Inheritance
The allele for color blindness found on the X chromosome Sex-linked Gene
Same combination of alleles (TT, tt) Homozygous
Allele represented with a lower case letter (t) Recessive
Used with bacteria to make insulin Rocombinant DNA
Passing on traits from parents to offspring Heredity
Different combination of alleles (Tt) Heterozygous
He crossed pea plants Gregor Mendel
Method of reproduction used by yeast Budding
Used by amoebas to move Pseudopod
Reproductive cell of a fungus Spore
Plant-like protists Algae
Used by euglenas to move Flagella
Breaks down dead organisms Saprophyte
Produced by an imperfect fungi Antibiotic
Fungal association with plant roots Mychorrizae
Animal-like protists Protozoan
Spore case used by yeast Ascus
The "roots" of a fungus Hyphae
Used by a paramecium to move Cilia
The mushrooms that you eat on a pizza would be classified as what type of fungi Club
The combination of fungus and a green algae or cyanobacterium is classified as a Lichen
Animal-like protists are classified based on How they move
Slime molds move using Pseudopods
The structure used by club fungi to hold their spores is a Basidium
Which type of protist contains silica in its protective covering Diatoms
Protozoans that cannot move on their own are Parasites
The type of algae that can be found in the deepest part of the ocean is Red
A protist capable of making its own food and eating bacteria is Euglena
The three main groups of fungi Sac fungi, Club fungi & Zygote fungi
Rod shaped bacteria Bacillus
Swelling on a plant root containing bacteria Nodule
Used to treat a bacteria disease Antibiotic
Any poisonous substance Toxin
Bacteria that does not require oxygen Anaerobe
Breaks down dead organisms Saprophyte
Bacteria that makes nitrogen for plants Nitrogen-fixing
Anything that causes disease Pathogen
Sphere shaped bacteria Cocci
Protective coating on a bacteria Endospore
Used to help bacteria move Flagella
Bacteria that requires oxygen Aerobe
The method of cleaning up an ecosystem using bacteria to break down harmful compounds is Bioremediation
The term that describes most bacteria is Beneficial
The structure that allows bacteria to stick to surfaces is Gel capsule
What organisms can grow as blooms in ponds Cyanobacteria
Which organism is a recycler in the environment Saprophyte
What is caused by a pathogenic bacterium Botulism
The two kingdoms of bacteris include archaebacteria and Eubacteria
The type of bacteria most likely to be found in a deap ocean vent is Anaerobic bacteria
Two foods made by bacteria include Sauerkraut and cheese
The three main shapes of bacteria are Rod, sphere and spiral
Rod shaped bacteria are called Bacilli
Sphere shaped bacteria are called Cocci
Spiral shaped bacteria are called Spirilla
Created by: dubj