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The Pacific World m2

2nd semester 2nd monthly geography

hemisphere one half of the earth
meridian an imaginary line that circles Earth and runs through the north and south poles
Melanesia pacific islands northeast of Australia and New Zealand
Micronesia pacific islands north of Melanesia and east of the Philippine islands
Polynesia east of Micronesia and Melanesia
Why do so few people live in Australia? far from other countries, harsh climate, lots of deserts
Central plateau covers more than 75 percent of Australia
Uluru/Ayers Rock huge sandstone rock formation that looks orange-red
reef string of rock, sand or coral close to the surface of a body of water
Great Barrier Reef follows the northeastern coastline of Australia, biggest reef in the world
What are the two main islands of New Zealand? north island and south island
Outback the middle, desert area of Australia
Geysers natural springs that shoot hot water and steam into the air
Hydroelectric power New Zealand's many short, fast-moving rivers give this to the people
Australia's climates tropical savanna, desert, Mediterranean, humid subtropical
Aborigines the original people of Australia
Maori the original people of New Zealand
Immigrants people who move from one country to another for many reasons
Refugees people who move from one country to another for safety
Christianity the main religion of Australia and New Zealand
dreamtime the religion that aborigines believe in, nature has powerful spirits
Tourism the fastest growing part of the service industry in the Pacific World
export something one country sends to another country
Australia's main exports coal, wheat, wool, beef, gold
New Zealand's main exports wool, kiwi, apple
Australia's special animals kangaroos, koalas, wombats (marsupials)
marsupials animals that carry their children in pouches
overgrazing when animals eat too much grass, so the land becomes desert
pollution caused by powerboats in the ocean
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