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EMTP - Med Terms 2

Essentials of A&P for Emergency Care - Brady Books 2011

Abdomino abdomen, abdominal cavity
acou hearing
acousto hearing
acro extremity, extreme
adeno gland
adreno adrenal gland
aero air or gas
albumin albumin
alveol alveolus (air sac)
amni amnion, amniotic fluid
amnion amnion, amniotic fluid
andro male
angio blood vessel
ankylo crooked
antero front
aort aorta
appendico to hang onto, appendix
aque water
arter artery
arteri artery
arthr joint
astheni weakness
atel imperfect, incomplete
ather fat
atri atrium
aud hearing
audi hearing
aur ear
aut self
azot urea, nitrogen
bacter bacteria
balano glans penis
bio life
bili bile
blast/o germ, bud
blephar/o eyelid
bronchi bronchus
broncho bronchus
burso purse or sac; bursa
calc/i calcium
cancer cancer
cancin/o cancer
card/o heart
cardi/o heart
carp/o wrist
cartil/o gristle, cartilage
caudo tail
ceco blind intestine, cecum
celo hernia, protrusion
celio abdomen, abdominal cavity
cephalo head
cerebell/o cerebellum
cerebro cerebrum
cerumin/o wax
cervic/o cervix, neck
cheil/o lip
chiro hand
chole bile, gall
chondro cartilage
chorio membrane, chorion
chromato color
clon/o spasm
col/o colon
colp/o vagina
conjunctiv/o to bind, conjunctiva
coro pupil
core/o pupil
corne/o horny, cornea
coron/o crown, circle
cortic/o outer covering, cortex
cost/o rib
cran/o skull, cranium
cranio skull, cranium
crin/o secrete
crypto hidden
cutane/o skin
cyan blue
cyst bladder, sac
cyto cell
dacry/o tear
denti teeth
derm skin
dermato skin
diaphragma/o diaphram
dipl/o double
dips/o thirst
dist/o away
diverticul small blind pouch, diverticulum
dorso back
duct to lead or to convey
duoden twelve, duodenum
dur hard
ech/o sound
electr/o electricity
embol/o throwing in or release of
embryo embryo
encephalo brain
endocrino endocrine
entero small intestine
epididym/o epididymis
spiglott/o epiglottis
episi/o vulva
eryth/o red
erythr/o red
esophag gullet, esophagus
esthesi/o sensation
eti cause (of disease)
fasci/o fascia
femor/o thigh
fet/i fetus
fet/o fetus
fibro fiber
fibul/o clasp of buckle, fibula
fovea/o small pit
ganglio ganglion
gastro stomach
gen/o formation, cause, produce
ger old age
geront/o old age
gingiv gums
gli/o glue, neuroglia
glomerul/o little ball, glomerulus
gloss/o tongue
gluc/o glucose, sugar
glut buttock
glyco glycogen, sugar
glycos/o sugar
gravid/o pregnancy
gravidar/o pregnancy
gyn woman
gynec/o woman
halat/o breath
hem/o blood
hemat/o blod
hepat/o liver
hern/o protrusion, hernia
herni/o protrusion, hernia
heter/o other
hidr/o sweat
histo tissue
hom/o sameness, unchanging
hormon/o to set in motion
hydro water
hymen/o hymen
hyster/o uterus
idi/o person, self
ile/o ileum of small intestine, to roll
ili/o flank, groin, ilium of the pelvis
immuno exempt; immunity
infect/o to enter, invade
infer/o below
inguin/o groin
ir/o rainbow, iris
irid/o rainbow, iris
ischi/o haunch, hip joint, ischium
jejnun/o empty, jejunum
kal/i potassium
kerat/o hard, horny; cornea
ket/o ketone bodies
keton/o ketone bodies
kinesi/o motion
kyph/o hump
labyrinth/o labyrinth, internal ear
lacrim/o tear
lacto milk
lamin/o thin, lamina, layer
lapar/o abdomin, abdominal cavity
laryng/o larynx
later/o side
leuk white
lingu/o tongue
lip/o fat, lipid
lith/o stone
lob/o lobe
lord/o bent, forward
lumb/o loin, lower back
lymph clear water or fluid
lys dissolution
mal bad
mamm breast
mast breast
meat opening
medi middle
megal abnormally large
melan dark, black
meno month, menstruation
menstru month, menstruation
meningo meninges, membrane
menisc/o crescent-shaped moon, meniscus membrane
ment/o mine
metro uterus
mono one
muco mucus
myo muscle
myco fungus
myelo bone marrow; spinal cord; medulla; myelin
myelono bone marrow; spinal cord; medulla; myelin
myringo membrane; eardrum
myxo mucus
naso nose
nato birth
natro sodium
natr sodium
necro death
nephro kidney
neuro sinew or cord, nerve, fascia
nocti night
nuclo kernel, nucleus
nycto night, nocturnal
nyctalo night, nocturnal
obstetro midwife, prenatal development
oculo eye
oligo few in number
omphalo umbilicus
onco tumor
onycho nail
oophro ovary
opto eye, vision
opthalmo eye
oro mouth
orcho testis or testicle
orchio testis or testicle
orchido testis or testicle
ortho straight
osteo bone
oto ear
ovi egg
ovo egg
ovario ovary
oxo oxygen
palato roof of mouth, palate
pancreato sweetbread, pancreas
paro parturition or labor
parathyroido parathyroid
parieto wall
parto labor
patello small pan, patella
patho disease
pectoro chest
pedo child
pediatro child
pelv/l basin, pelvis
peno penis
pepso digestion
perineo perineum
peritoneo to stretch over, peritoneum
phag eat, swallow
phalang row of soldiers, fingers
phas speech
phleb vein
phot/o light
physio nature
plegi/o paralysis
pleur pleura
pneumo lung or air
pneumato lung or air
pod foot
polyp polyp
poster back
presby/o old age
prim first
procto anus
prostat prostate gland
proximo near
pseudo false
psycho mind
pub grown up
pulmon lung
py pus
pyelo pelvis (renal)
pylor phlorus
quad, quadri, quadro four
rachi, rachio spine
radio spoke of a wheel, radius
recto straight, erect, rectum
ren, reno kidney
retin net, retina
rhabdo rod
rhino nose
sacro sacred, sacrum
sclero, sclera thick, hard
salping tube: eustachian tube; fallopian tube
sarc flesh, muscle
scolio curved
sebo sebum, oil
semino seed
sept wall, partition
sigmo the letter s, sigmoid colon
sinus cavity
somato body
somno sleep
sono sound
sperm seed
spermato seed
sphygmo pulse
spino spine or thorn
spiro breathe
spleno spleen
spondyl vertebra
staped stapes
staphylo grape like clusters (baterium)
stasis standing still
steno narrowness, constriction
sterno chest, sternum
stetho chest
stomato mouth
strept twisted or gnarled (bacterium)
super, supero above
synov binding eggs, synovial
synovio binding eggs, synovial
taxi reaction to a stimulus
ten, tend, tendin to stretch out; tendon
test/o testis, testicle
testicul small testis, testicle
thalam thalamus
thermo heat
thorac thorax
thrombo clot
thym wart-like, thymus gland
thyro shield, thyroid
tom/o cut, section
ton tone, tension, pressure
toxic poison
tracheo trachea
trich hair
tuberculo little mass of swelling
tympan eardrum
umbilic navel
uro urine
uretero ureter
urethero urethra
urin urine
uter, utero womb, uterus
uvul, uvulo grape, uvula
vagino sheath, vagina
valvul/o little valve
varico dilated vein
vaso blood vessel; duct
vasculo little blood vessel
veno vein
ventro front, belly
ventriculo little belly or cavity, ventricle
vertebro joint, vertebra
vesico bladder, sac
vesiculo vesicle (seminal vesicle)
vitro glassy
vitreo glassy
vulvo vulva
xantho yellow
xero dry
Created by: jjholmquest