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Mr. Mac Matter/Atom

Matter is... anything that has mass, takes up space and is made of atoms
Matter has properties. These can be... size, shape, color, texture, smell, hardness, luster, mass, conductivity, density, volume, magnetism, phase or state, etc...
What is an atom? The smallest unit of matter that retains the properties of that matter. The building block of all matter. A unit of matter consisting of protons, electrons and usually neutrons.
What are protons? The positively charged subatomic particle in an atom's nucleus.
What are electrons? The negatively charged subatomic particles of an atom. They move very quickly in shells or energy levels far away from the nucleus. They are also where chemical bonds for between 2 atoms.
What are neutrons? The subatomic particle in the nucleus of an atom with no charge
Why did the neutron not have to pay for his drink? neutrons have "no charge"
An electron has been complaining for over an hour. The proton finally tells the electron to... "Stop being so negative!"
A proton calls neutron to tell him he won the lottery. Neutrons says "are you sure?" Proton says... "I'm positive!"
To find the number of protons for an atom on the periodic table. You would look at the... Atomic Number
To find the number of electrons for an atom on the periodic table. You would look at the... Atomic number - Atoms like to have there charges balanced.
To find the number of neutrons for an atom on the periodic table. You would look at the... Relative atomic mass and subtract the protons
What is the atomic number of an atom? The number of protons it has.
What is the relative atomic mass or atomic weight of an atom? The average number of protons and neutrons it has.
Atoms typically have no charge. This is why they will have the same number of... protons and electrons.
This subatomic particle is in energy levels forming the outer layer of an atom. electron
Most of the atoms mass is in this part of the atom. The Nucleus
The nucleons are the... protons and neutrons
A change that in matter that creates a whole new substance with properties that are different from the original, would be a example of which kind of change? Chemical
Baking eggs, flour, butter, milk and sugar makes a cake. The properties of the ingredients changed. This is what kind of change? Chemical
Freezing water changes the physical state of water. This is what kind of change? Physical
Cutting paper into tiny, tiny little pieces, is what kind of change? Physical
A protons tells his buddy he is not worried about finding his lost dog. The buddy asks, "why not?" The protons replies... "I'm positive... we will find him!"
A substance that is made of atoms with the same number of protons is... an element
A substance that is made of MORE than one kind of atom BONDED together is... a compound
What is a bond? A chemical connection ...made when atoms share electrons (water)
What is a mixture? How is it different from a compound? In a mixture the different atoms have NOT bonded and can be separated.
Are there different kinds of Mixtures? Yes, A solution is a special mixture in which one substance dissolves in another. It can still be separated and no bonds have formed.
Matter that has a definite shape AND amount of space it takes up is... a solid
The measurement for the amount of space something takes up is called... volume
Matter with no definite shape OR volume is... gas
Matter with no definite shape but a definite volume is... liquid
Which physical state of matter would use all the space in a glass jar no matter how much you had? gas
Which states of matter allow the atoms and molecules to flow? (fluid) liquid and gas -Yes, gas is a fluid!
In which state do the molecules or atoms only vibrate? solid
Element number 4 is.... Beryllium
Element number 9 is... Fluorine
What are atoms made of? electrons, protons and neutrons
Electrons are located where? far away from the nucleus in energy levels or shells.
Where is the mass of an atom located? Why? The nucleus because electrons are almost 2000 times less massive than protons and neutrons.
Name a compound (molecule) containing Hydrogen. Water (H20) Sugar (C6H12O6) Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) Ammonia (NH3) Methane (CH4)
If an element in its solid state has reached it's melting point it will start to turn into... a liquid
If an element is below it's melting point it will be in what phase/state? solid
If Nitrogen's boiling point is -195°C or -320°F, what phase/state will it be at 32°F? Gas
If Nitrogen's boiling point is -195°C or -320F, What temperature would you need to make it a liquid? lower than 195°C or 320°F
In general, all matter will expand when you increase... the temperature (molecular movement)
Who's experiment discovered that atoms had a positive "proton" and that atoms were mostly empty space? Ernest Rutherford ... in his famous gold foil alpha particle experiment.
Who discovered the electron and that it had a negative charge? JJ Thompson
Can you tell how many atoms the compound rust (Fe2O3) has? 5 (2 iron atoms and 3 oxygen atoms)
A molecule is more than one ___________ joined together. atom
A compound is more than one different ____________ joined together. element
All compounds are molecules but all ________________ are NOT compounds. molecules
The law of conservation of mass says, "That during a chemical reaction/change mass is... ...neither lost nor gained (if you start with 10 atoms - you end with 10 atoms)
Draw a Bohr model of Na (sodium) Did you put 11 protons in the nucleus? Did you put 12 neutrons in the nucleus? Did you draw 3 electron levels/shells? Did the 1st level have 2 electrons, the second have 8 and the third have 1? If YES to all the above, GREAT you did it!
What kind of property is color? Physical
What kind of property is texture? Physical
What kind of property is rotting? Chemical
What kind of property is luster (shiny)? Physical
What kind of property is burning? Chemical
What are properties of matter? the characteristics, attributes, traits that make matter what it is!
What is the most common state of matter in the universe? Plasma - Stars are made of matter in a Plasma State!
What are words similar to properties? (When referring to matter) traits, characteristics, qualities,
What is anything that can be observed about matter? Property
What 2 things dictate the state that matter will be. Temperature and Pressure
Matter will change states only if the ____________________ and ___________________ are correct. Pressure and Temperature
What kind of change is more easily reversed? Physical
What kind of change is hard or even impossible to reverse? Chemical
2 or more substances combined that keep there own identity Mixture
2 or more substances combined that DO NOT react Mixture
2 or more substances combined that have the same composition throughout. Special mixture... SOLUTION
Subatomic Particle with a positive charge? Proton
Subatomic Particle with a negative charge? Electron
Subatomic Particle with out a charge? Neutron
Created by: MrMac
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