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Air and Flight

Grade 5 Science Glossary - Unit 4 Test

Aerodynamics the study of air in motion
Bernoulli's Principle states that the faster a fluid or gas travels, the lower its pressure; named for Swiss mathematician Daniel Bernoulli
Compress to squeeze or squash
Database a computer program that stores information and allows you to retrieve information as you need it
Drag a force that slows down or prevents the motion of objects in air or water
Fair Test an investigation carried out under controlled conditions. In a fair test, all variables are controlled except the one under investigation
Fuselage the body of an aircraft that holds passengers or cargo
Gravity a force that attracts all objects on Earth toward the ground; results from masses being attracted to other masses
Hovercraft a vehicle that travels on a cushion of air over land or water
Insulate to prevent heat loss
Lift a force that causes something to rise
Payload the load carried by an aircraft or spacecraft
Pitch the up-and-down movement of the nose of a plane
Pressure the force exerted by one thing on another
Propel drive or push an object forward
Roll a motion where one wing tip moves up while the other wing tip moves down
Struts supporting bars or braces
Tether Lines the pieces of string or rope used to hold a balloon until ready to take off
Thrust the force exerted by a rocket or jet engine that moves something forward
Variable anything in an investigation that can be changed
Yaw the side-to-side movement of the nose of a plane
Created by: Susan Patterson