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Evolution Adaptation

The changes of life over time

Natural differences in traits within a species are called Variations
An inherited trait that helps an organism survive and reproduce is a(n) Adaptation
The process if inheriting traits that gives an advantage to survive and reproduce is Natural Selection
When all members of a species have died, this is Extinction
An early form of a species is a(an) Ancestor
A new form of a species that comes from an earlier form is a(n) Descendent
A trait an organism can acquire during its life (getting fatter, learning to fly) is a(n) Acquired Trait
Charles Darwin studied variations in populations on these famous islands Galapagos
Darwin studied the very different beaks of different populations of birds called Finches
An inherited characteristic is a(n) Trait
Humans select and breed plants and animals for desired traits in a process called Artificial selection
The flaw in Lamark's theory of acquired traits was that he thought the acquired traits could be passed to Offspring
Predation, disease and competition for food are called ___ factors, because they effect the survival of a population. Limiting
The process of an organisms producing more offspring than will survive is Overproduction
The types of organisms that will survive and the types that will die over great periods of time is influenced by changes in the Environment
Organisms that can reproduce with each other and produce offspring are in the same Species
What type of adaptation is the long tongue of a butterfly and the flying wings of a bat? Physical
What type of adaptation is the mating ritual of a bird or the forming of schools by fish? Behavioral
The theory of natural selction was developed in the 1800's by a man named Charles __ Darwin
The most obvious difference between the finches Darwin observed was the shape of their Beaks
The process in which all populations gradually change over time is Evolution
Darwin believed that traits could be inherited by offspring from their Parents
A record of organisms that lived in the past but are extinct today is recorded by nature in Fossils
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