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Geography 10

.Final ch.18

Desert Terrains are Stark and Abrupt
Desert Special Conditions are Mechanical weathering Dominant
Ergs Seas of Sand
Regs Stony Desert
Mesa and Scarp topography is most closely associated with Erosion
A desert consisting of a large area of sand dunes is termed a Erg
3 kinds of Surface Water in the desert are Exotic Streams, Ephemeral Streams,Desert lakes
Exotic Streams Permanent streams that originate outside of the arid land
Ephemeral Streams Periodically flow, result in intense erosion, transportation, and deposition
Desert Lakes Playas and salinas(dry salt lake beds), Saline lakes
Examples of Ergs are Sahara and Arabian deserts
Regs desert vanish consist of Iron and Manganese oxides
Barren Bedrock Hamada
Sapping Groundwater seeps out of the scarp face and erodes soluble material
Buttes Small surface areas and cliffs that rise above surroundings
Coastal Dunes Ocean waves deposit sand on beaches
Soil is thin or absent Exposing bedrock
Impermeable caprocks and hardpans have high runoff
Sand covers desert area about 10%
Fluvial erosion in arid lands Occurs during small portions of the year,residual erosional surfaces, and desert stream channels
Fluvial deposition Piedmont, basin of interior drainage, talus accumulations
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