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Inequlity, Poverty

Spatial inequality and poverty terms for Social Studies 7 exam

Rural Decline Worsening economic conditions in te countryside
Spatial Inequality The unequal distribution of wealth or resources in a geographic area
Standard of Living The overall level of comfort and well-being of a group or a country.
Urbanization The movement of people from rural to urban areas
Slums Areas where houses are one-room shacks made of junk without electricity
Tenements Run-down apartment buildings.
Communal Lands A larger farm owned by a group of farmers.
Miro-enterprise A very small business with few or now employees.
Micro-entrepreneur A person who starts and runs a very small business.
Gender-Based Division of Labor The division of work into two categories based on sex
Informal Economy The part of the economy in which goods and servces are exchanged outside of government control.  People often sell goods on the street or in a street market.
Undernourished People who did not get enough food to lead a health life.
Micro-Credit Organization Groups that make small business loans to less wealthy people.
Extreme Poverty People who live on an income of less than $1 a day.
Moderate Poverty When living on $1 to $2 a day
Relative Poverty A household income level below a given proportion of the national average.
Big 5 Development Interventions 1. Agriculture 2. Bring Power 3. Clean Water and Sanitation 4. Education 5. Basic Healthcare
Created by: BubbleKS99



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