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Bowel EliminationIII


Facilitate the digestion of portein? Pepsin and HCl
This protects the stomach mucosa from acidity and enzyme activity? Mucus
Essential for the absorption of Vitamin B12? Intrinsic Factor
The small intestine moves chyme by? Segmentation
Mixture of digestive juices (e.g. bile and amylase) in the small intestine? Chyme
Is approximately 8-11inch long and continues to process the chyme from the stomach? Duodenum
Is approximately 8 feet long and absorbs carbs and proteins? Jejunum
Is approximately 12 feet long and absorbs water, fats, and bile salts? Ileum
What is the primary organ of bowel elimination? Large Intestine
Is a nondigestive residue in the diet, provides bulk of fecal material? Fiber
Gas producing foods that stimulate peristalsis? Onions, cauliflower, beans.
Lack the enzyme needed to diges the milk sugar lactose? Lactose Intolerant
Any surgery that involves direct manipulation of the bowel and temporarily stops peristalsis? Paralytic ileus
Soften the stool and promotes peristalsis? Laxatives and Cathartics
Which is stronger a laxative or a cathartic? Cathartics
A common laxative, decreases fat-soluble vitamin absorption? Mineral oil
Supresses peristalsis and decreases gastric emptying? Diclycomine HCl (Bentyl)
Causes discoloration of stool (black), N/V, constipation and abdominal cramps? Iron
Patients with history of cardiovascular disease, increased intraocular pressure, increased intracranial pressure, need to avoid what maneuver? Valsalva Manuever
Results from unrelieved constipation? Impaction
Improper diet, decreased fluid intake, lack of exercise and certain medications, cause this? Constipation
An increase in the number of stools and passage of liquid, unformed stool? Diarrhea
A common causitive agent that causes diarrhea? C. Difficile
The most common diagnostic teest for C-Diff? Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)
The inability to control passage of feces and gas from the anus? Fecal Incontinence
Are dilated, engorged veins in the lining of the rectum? Hemorrhoids
A temporary or permanent artificial opening? Stoma
This type of ostomy results in stools that are frequent and liquid? ileostomy and ascending colon colostomy.
This type of ostomy generally results in more solid, formed stools? Colostoy from transverse-sigmoid.
This type of ostomy has two openings through one stoma, usually performed as a medical emergency, proximal end drains stool and distal end drains mucus, constructed in transverse colon? Loop Colostomy
Consists of one stoma formed from the proximal end of the bowel with the distal portion of the GI tract either removed or sewn closed (Hartmann's pouch) and left in abdominal cavity? End Colostomy
Are the result of surgical treatment of colorectal cancer? End Colostomy
Type of ostomy in which the bowel is surgically severed and two seperate ends are brought out on the abdomen, consists of two distinctive stomas? Double-Barrel Colostomy
A surgical procedure that is used in clients who need to have a colectomy for treatment of ulcerative colitis or familial polyps? Ileoanal Pouch Anastomosis
Provider removes the colon, creates a pouch from the end of the small intestine and attaches the pouch to the clients anus? Ileoanal Pouch Anastamosis
Is created using the clients small intestine, detubularizing its cylindrical shape and creating a spherical reservoir? Treatment of ulcerative colitis(has nipple valve)? Kock Continent Ileostomy
Procedure developed to improve continence in clients with fecal soiling associated with neuropathic or structural abnormalities of the anal spinchter? Macedo Antegrade Continence Enema (MACE)
Observable peristalsis is a sign of what? Intestinal Obstruction
Normal bowel sounds occur every what? 5-15 seconds
Type of sound occur with small intestine obstruction and inflammatory disorder? High pitched and heperactive.
What percentage of stool is bacteria from the colon? 25%
What are the recommendations for a colonscopy? 50yo Q5-10yrs
Measues microscopic amounts of blood in feces, used to screen for colon cancer? Fecal Occult Blood Testing (FOBT) or Guaiac Test
What can cause false-positive FOBT results? Red meat, poultry fish, Raw Vegetables, Vit C, ASA, and NAID'S
Have the highest incidence of colon CA among United States racial and ethnic groups? African Americans
What causes white or clay colored stool? Absense of Bile
Emotional stress causes bowels to what? Slows peristalsis
When is defication most likely to occur? One hr after meals
Bed pan designed for clients with lower extremity fractures? Fracture Pan
How much fiber intake should you encourage? 20g/day of wheat bran
What is the first step in treating constipation in older adults? Fiber and Bulk Laxatives
Are effective in the treatment of constipation in older adults because they are well tolerated and have no known interactions with other durgs? Osmotic Laxatives
Trigger the defecatory reflex and are sometimes useful in treating older adults? Glycerol Suppositories
Decrease intestinal muscle tone to slow passage of feces? Antidiarrheal Opiate Agents
What are the most effective antidiarrheal agents? Prescriptive Opiates (Codeine phosphate, Opium tinture (Paregoric), and Diphenoxylate (lomotil)
Inhibit peristalic waves that move feces forward, but they also increase segmental contractions that mix intestinal contents? Opiates
The intallation of a solution into the rectum and sigmoid colon, stimulate peristalsis? Enema
What kind of solution is a Fleet Enema? Hypertonic Solution
Is safe and it comes in a liquid form included in most soapsuds enema kits? Pure Castile Soap
Used to treat high serum potassium levels? Kayexalate
An antibiotic used to reduce bacteria in the colon before bowel surgery? Neomycin
Do not use more than how many enemas? >3
Agents that are least irritating, most natural, and safest cathartics? Methylcellulose (Colagel, Hydrolose)
Type of cathartic that require 8 ounces of water with each dose? Bulk Forming
These types of stimulant cathartic cause pink or red urine? Phenolphthalein and Danthron
When would you perform Digital Removal of stool? As a last resort and with MD order.
How much water do you instill for a cleasing enema? 750-1000ml
What are negative effects of tap water enemas? Water toxicity and/or circulatory overload.
The stool discharged from an ostomy? Effluent
During the 1st week after ostomy surgery providers recommend what kind of diet? Low fiber foods(Bread, noodles, rice, cream cheese, eggs, fruit juices, lean meats, fish, and poultry)
Damage due to fungal infection, usually caused by persistent moisture on peristomal skin? Candidiasis
These types of patients need to eat slowly, chew food completely, drink 10-12 glasses of water/day to prevent blockage (unless contraindicated)? Patients with ileostomies.
High fiber foods that cause problems with ostomies? Stringy meats, mushrooms, popcorn, fruits like cherries, shrimp and crab.
Foods that cause gas and odor? Broccoli, cauliflower, dried beans, Brussel Sprouts.
Recommended foods with low fiber content and discourage foods that typically cause gastric upset or abdominal cramping? For Diarrhea
Requires an increase intake of high fiber foods and more fluids? Constipation or Impaction
Provides temporary relief to swollen hemorroids? Heat (Sitz Bath)
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