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sex in elderly

women changes in sexuality dec levels of progesterone and estrogen. Discomfort or pain during intercourse( dyspareunia); irritation of the external genitals( prutitus valvae), thinning &dryness of the vaginal walls( atrophic vaginitis), inc risk for vaginal yeast infections
Male changes in sexuality male orgasm takes longer to achieve & shorter duration. Ejaculation less forceful &smaller volume of seminal fluid. Loss of erection quickly after orgasm. Orgasms may not occur with every episode of sexual intercourse
illness and decreased sexual function incontinence doesnt interfere with sex, may cause people to avoid because of embarrassment. Diabetes likely to contribute to impotence in men. arthritis pain can interfere. Cardiac problems are likely to interfere; more from fear than from actual danger
illness and decreased sexual function Stroke need not prevent sexual activity. Neither hysterectomy nor mastectomy changes sexual functioning, although loss of these organs may make a women feel less desirable. Depression can de sexual interest and lead to decreased response to intimacy
Alcohol and medications: excessive alcohol intake causes delayed orgasm in women & loss of ability to achieve an erection. Digitalis, tranquilizers, diuretics, antihypertensives, antihistamines, antidepressants, and GERD meds likely to cause sexual problems for men and women
Loss of sex partner single older women experience more of a problem than single older men. By age 85 there are 100 single women for every 39 single men
marriage older adults garner many different responses, particularly from families. Financial concerns may be contingent on the person’s remaining single. Some older people choose to live together without getting married.
Caregivers young people may not be comfortable with the thought of sexual activity among seniors. Fear, shame, or embarrassment over what younger persons may thing causes older people to hid their sexual activity.
Sexual Orientation for personal or social reasons, persons who have concealed their sexual orientation in younger years may be more comfortable expressing it as they age. Be careful to recognize the sexual needs and concerns of older lesbian, gay and transgendered people
Privacy and Personal rights of older adults adequate privacy may be difficult, even for married couples in the same institution, mainly if regular medica care is necessary. Touching, hand holding and cuddling are encouraged. A closed door may be respected when privacy for intimacy is desired.
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