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IC L.8-1 (英中,句子)

I got up at 6:30 this morning 我今天早上六点半起床
I got up (as early as) at 5am yesterday morning 我昨天上午五点就起床了
When did you get up yesterday morning 你昨天上午几点起床
When do you usually get up in the morning 你平常早上几点起床
Do you often get up very late on weekends 你周末常常很晚起床吗
After I took a bath last night, then went to sleep 我昨天晚上洗了澡以后,就睡觉了
Let’s go to play ball after school tomorrow, OK 我们明天下了课以后就去打球,好吗
After I drank coffee the night before yesterday, then did HW 我前天晚上喝了咖啡以后,就做功课
I like to do HW right after the dinner 我喜欢吃了晚饭以后,就做功课
My younger sister likes to eat a meal and read books at the same time 我妹妹喜欢一边吃饭,一边看书
I like to eat a meal and watch TV at the same time 我喜欢一边吃饭,一边看电视
My family likes to eat a meal and chat at the same time 我家喜欢一边吃饭,一边聊天
His younger sister likes to take a shower and sing at the same time 他妹妹喜欢一边洗澡,一边唱歌
My mom likes to drink tea and read newspaper at the same time 我妈妈喜欢一边喝茶,一边看报纸
Last night at friend’s house, I did HW and chat with friends at the same time 昨天晚上在朋友家, 我跟朋友一边做功课,一边聊天
Last night at friend’s house, I chatted with friends joyfully 昨天晚上在朋友家, 我跟朋友聊天,聊得很高兴
I didn’t go home until 11 o’clock last night 我昨天晚上十一点才回家
He reviewed Chinese last night and went to bed very late (later than expected) 他昨天晚上复习中文,很晚才睡觉
Because there is English test today, so I reviewed English last night and didn’t go to bed until 12am 因为今天要考英文,所以我昨天晚上复习英文,半夜十二点才睡觉
Our classroom is very big and very beautiful, too 我们的教室很大也很漂亮
Your classroom is neither big nor beautiful 你们的教室不大也不漂亮
This is our computer lab 这是我们的电脑教室
Our school has 8 computer labs 我们学校有八间电脑教室
At noon, I go to the cafeteria with friends together and eat lunch 中午我跟朋友一起到餐厅去吃中饭
We eat lunch and practice speaking Chinese at the same time 我们一边吃中饭,一边练习说中文
I go to the library and read the newspaper in the afternoon 我下午到图书馆去看报纸
I read the newspaper and listen to the music at the same time 我一边看报纸,一边听音乐
I go to Xiao Gao’s dorm and chat with him at 8pm 晚上八点,我去小高的宿舍跟他聊天
When I arrive at the teacher’s office, he is making a phone call 我到老师的办公室的时候,他正在打电话
When I get there, he is doing HW 我到那儿的时候,他正在做功课
When I get home, mom is cooking 我到家的时候,妈妈正在做饭
When I get school, teachers are in the meeting 我到学校的时候,老师正在开会
When I get library, the teacher is reading newspaper 我到图书馆的时候,老师正在看报纸
When I get the computer lab, students are on the internet 我到电脑教室的时候,学生正在上网
I went to the teacher’s office three days ago 三天以前,我去了老师的办公室
I have to take a shower before go to bed 睡觉以前,我得洗澡
I have to do HW before listening to the music 听音乐以前,我得做功课
I am going to call my friend before tomorrow noon 明天中午以前,我要给我的朋友打电话
He tells me tomorrow we are going to have Chinese test 他告诉我明天要考中文
I told mom I will listen to the tape in the library today 我告诉妈妈今天我要在图书馆听录音
He has gone to the library 他已经去图书馆了
I have already taken a shower 我已经洗澡了
I have arrived at the classroom 我已经到教室了
Created by: ruthtang
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