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Junky For Sci-Finals

Lauren, Audrey, and Hannah's Stack for Science Finals! Enjoy:)

What would you expect to see after an explosive volcanic eruption? Calm Lava flows
What is another word for molten rock? magma
Molten rock that flows on the Earth's surface lava
dust-sized particles of hardened lava ash
magma that is blasted into the air and hardens pyroclastic material
a crack or opening in the Earth's crust vent
a funnel shaped pit near a volcano's central vent crater
a small volcano that usually erupts for a short time cinder cone volcano
The core consists of mainly this iron
a substance that is composed of two or more elements? compound
the bending of rock layers because of stress folding
a landform caused by repeated eruptions of lava volcano
A volcano that probably won't erupt again extinct volcano
A volcano that will erupt soon or is currently erupting active volcano
A volcano that hasn't erupted for a long time but may erupt in the near future dormant volcano
Stiffy cube lava that oozes out a volcano and forms in chunks blocky lava
That lava is glassy, and hardens in smooth wrinkles. pahoehoe lava
Lava that forms jaggad peaks, and hurts when you step on it a'a lava
stress at a divergent plate boundary tension
when a hanging wall moves down relative to footwall normal fault
rising of rock layers uplift
sinking of rock layers subsidence
hanging wall moves up relative to footwall reverse fault
What type of weather would a nimbostratus cloud likely bring. Rain
Amount of water vapor in the air humidity
Process in which liquid turns to vapor evaporation
area of high pressure where air moves apart and sinks anitcyclone
the temperature at which air must cool to be saturated dew point
process in which water vapor turns into liquid condensation
area of low pressure where air masses meet and rise. cyclone
area in which two types of air masses meet front
tracks the location, movement, and amount of precipitation radar
consist of two thermometers physhrometers
measures air pressure barometer
a cloud that forms near the ground fog
a cloud that brings a thunderstorm cumulonimbus
a puffy white cloud with a flat bottom cumulous
clouds that cover a large stratus
A tornado is dangerous mostly because of its ______________ strong winds
The most powerful storms on earth are _____________ hurricanes
Created by: lkubat