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Digestive System

What allows you to taste food? Tongue
What Moistens Food? Saliva
What Pushes food around in you mouth? Tongue
What Tears and Crushes food into small pieces? Teeth
What contains enzymes that help break down food? Saliva
What is the clear liquid in the mouth that begins the digestive process? Saliva
What is the Squeezing Movements made by the Esophagus Muscles as food moves to the stomach called? Peristalsis
Between the Esophagus and the Stomach is a ring of muscles that control the opening to the stomach and this is called what? A Sphincter
The Flap of tissue that closes to keep food out of the trachea is called the what? Epiglottis
What is the Mixture of Enzymes, Water, and Hydrochloric acid that helps the stomach break down food called? Gastric Juices
The process of Breaking down Food into forms the body can use is called what? Digestion
The organs that break down food form the what? The Digestive System
The path food follows through the digestive system is called the what? The Digestive Tract
The tongue is covered with Special Cells that react to chemicals in the food. These cells are called what? Taste Buds
What Connects the Throat to the Stomach? The Esophagus
What is a Stretchy Storage Bag in the digestive tract called? The Stomach
The Stomach turns food into a Liquid Mixture called what? Chyme
Name the four (4) basic tastes? Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Salty
Where is the stomach located in the body? Below the ribcage
What are two ways in which the Stomach Works on food? Mechanically and Chemically
What Filters Poisons and Wastes from the blood? Liver
What Produces Insulin? Pancreas
What Makes Enzymes that break down foods? Pancreas
What Stores excess Bile and releases it when needed? Gallbladder
What Produces Bile? Liver
Nutrients from food are absorbed into the blood, as the Chyme passes through the what? Small intestine
The Small Intestine is lined with tiny fingerlike structures called what? Villi
Water and Salts are absorbed by the body as the chyme passes through the what? Large Intestine
What provides stored Energy and helps Insulate the body: Fats
What are the main source of energy for the body? Carbohydrates
What are used to build and repair the body? Proteins
Name the kinds of nutrients a healthy body needs? Protiens, Minerals, Fats, Carbohydrates and Water
Is it better to eat a variety of foods or the same kind of food all the time? Variety
Why is it better to eat a Variety of Foods? Because it is the best way to get a proper balance of nutrients.
Why does the body need Water? The body needs water because it helps to digest food and some nutrients need water to be used
Other than eating the right kinds of foods, what else is an important part of good nutrition? Exercise
What is the item called that shows the different kinds of food you should eat every day? Food Pyramid
Meat, peas, nuts, seeds, and beans are all good sources of what? Protein
The wider stripes on the Pyramid mean that you should eat (More Or Less) foods from those groups than from the groups with thinner stripes? More
Foods in what group provide Calcium for your body? Dairy
You should eat vegetables of all different what? Colors
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