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Osteoporosis/Hip Fracture/Osteoarthritis

Defined as porous bone, chronic progressive metabolic bone disease, low bone mass, structural deterioration, inc bone fragility, 8 times more common in women. Diagnosis includes XRAY but not visible unitl >25-40% of Calcium in bone is lost OR DEXA Osteoporosis
Silent disease, manifestation of collapsed vertebrae, loss of height, most serious consequence is hip fracture osteoporosis
External rotation of affected hip, muscle spasm, shortening of affected extremity are all clinical manifestations of ? hip fracture
Stabilizes hip while in hospital, 24-48hrs max, and releives painful muscle spasms Bucks Traction
slowly progressive noninflam disorder of diathrodial (synovial) joints. Previously called DJD, wear & tear, no longer considered normal part of aging process. Risk factors include genetics and DEC estrogen Osteoarthritis
no systemic symptoms, worsens with use, releives by rest, joint pain. Diagnosed by Xrays, CT scan, MRI, and Bone scan osteoarthritis
Post Hip Surgery, what positioning should the nurse keep the patient in? Extension and Abduction
Created by: rebecca6890