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CCACmental health


chemical substance that functions as a messenger. most consistently linked to mental activity. neurotransmitters
involved in fine muscle movement, emotions & thoughts, decision making, stimulates hypothalamus to release hormones. Is increased in Mania and Schizophenia and DECREASED in Parkinsons and Depression. Dopamine
level of brain affects mood, stimulates our fight or flight response to stress. Decreased in depression and Increased in Mania, Anxiety, and Schizophenia. norepinephrine
plays a role in sleep regulation, mood changes, and pain perception, aggression and sexual behavior. Decreased in depression and increased in axiety states serotonin
plays a role in learning and memory, regulates mood, affects sexual & aggressive behavior, and stimulates parasympathetic nervous system Acetycholine
This state of anxiety is the only one you can have enhanced learning from. Mild
Selective inattention, narrowed perception are what level of anxiety? Moderate
self absorption, learning impossible, can cause confusion, cant connect events or details belong to what level of anxiety? Severe
state of terror, unable to focus on environment, emotional paralysis, lose touch with reality are all belonging to which level of anxiety? Panic
Sudden onset of extreme, intense apprehension or fear, feelings of impending doom, can misinterpret reality are signs of what? Panic Attack
recurrent unexpected panic attacks, worry about consequences, and signiifcant behavior change are all part of which disorder? Panic Disorder
A persistent irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to avoidance. Phobia
Undoing is to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ as reaction formation and intellectualization is to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Compulsion Obsession
Gradually limit ritual times, structure schedule, assist in recognizing onset of anxiety, explore meaning and purpose are all r/t nursing care to what? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Created by: rebecca6890