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Lesson 26 ATC p2


男性 nan2xing4 male sex; man
是否 shi4fou3 whether or not
规定 gui1ding4 stipulation; to stipulate; to provide
那么 na4. me then; in that case
专家 zhuan1jia1 expert
反映 fan3ying4 to reflect
假如 jia3ru2 supposing; in case; if
单单 dan1dan1 only
一方 yi4fang1 one party
享有 xiang3you3 to enjoy (rights)
法理 fa3li3 legal principle; theory of law
妇女 fu4nü3 woman
儿童 er2tong2 children
保障 bao3zhang4 to guarantee; to safeguard; to protect
身处 shen1chu3 to be situated in; to be in a certain condition
弱者 ruo4zhe3 the weak
地位 di4wei4 position; status
实现 shi2xian4 to realize
剥夺 bo1duo2 to deprive; to expropriate
繁衍 fan2yan3 to multiply; to reproduce
后代 hou4dai4 descendants
单方面 dan1fang1mian4 unilateral; one sided
命运 ming4yun4 fate
去留 qu4liu2 "go or stay" (here: give birth or get an abortion)
共同 gong4tong2 jointly
协商 xie2shang1 to talk things over; to consult
建议 jian4yi4 to suggest; to advise
法规 fa3gui1 law and regulation; code
加入 jia1ru4 to add; to put in
已婚 yi3hun1 married
流产 liu2chan3 miscarry; miscarriage
jing1 through; after
进行 jin4xing2 to conduct; to carry on
妇联 fu4lian2 The Woman's Federation
干部 gan4bu4 card
必要 bi4yao4 necessary; indispensable
加进 jia1jin4 to add; to put in; to append
条款 tiao2kuan3 clause; article; provisions
赋予 fu4yu3 to endow; to entrust
保证 bao3zheng4 to gaurantee
女士 nü3 shi4 lady; Madam
如愿 ru2yuan4 to achieve what one wishes; to have one's wish fulfilled
最终 zui4zhong1 in the long run
导致 dao3zhi4 to lead to
紊乱 wen3luan4 disorderliness; confusion; chaos
借口 jie4kou3 excuse
如此下去 ru2ci3xia4.qu4 if it keeps going on
guang1 only
法官 fa3guan1 judge
现实 xian4shi2 realistic; practical
伦理 lun2li3 ethics
习俗 xi2su2 custom
范围 fan4wei2 scope; range
Created by: zhangkailin
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