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Mr D's Reading Final

Having to do with Finances Fiscal
Kindly Benign
put into Infuse
not able or willing to accept Intolerant
standards or test by which something can be judged Criteria
combined in a pleasing, orderly arrangement Harmonious
vivdly expressive Eloquent
in complete agreement; united in opinion Unanimous
future generations; descendants Posterity
Rule by a small, elite group oligarchy
difference of opinion Dissension
distracts; entertains or amuses Diverts
spreading throughout Pervading
of little importance; insignificant Trivial
strong desires or ambitions Aspirations
postponed or delayed Deferred
deeply sympathetic Compassionate
group united for a common goal Alliance
triumphantly Exultantly
uninhabited; barren Desolate
universal; infinite Cosmic
make unfriendly Alienate
repay Compensate
embarrassing; undignified humiliating
mainly; for the most part predominantly
not permitted by the US Constitution unconstitutional
thinking or considering carefully and fully deliberating
kept down by cruel or unjust power oppressed
people who leave a dangerous area evacuees
persistent; holding on firmly tenacious
comforting consoling
grim; gruesome macabre
inclined; willing predisposed
tending to change abruptly and without apparent reason capricious
touching; communication contact
in proper order for being seen or met by others presentable
empty; bare barren
in a consistent way correspondingly
determined; resolved resolute
strong belief; certainty conviction
careful about what one says or does discreet
believability credibility
something not previously known revelation
genuine; real authentic
group moving forward, as in a parade procession
inappropriate unseemly
people fleeing from danger fugitives
something that makes a person act incentive
untidy; messy disheveled
rebellious mutinous
not easy to please; very critical of anything crude or coarse fastidious
techniques or means for working things out devices
avoided evaded
lack of knowledge or awareness ignorance
very heavy ponderous
go aimlessly; wander roam
restlessly uneasily
not reacting unresponsive
grove in the ground made by a wheeled vehicle or natural causes rut
tries to decide debates
the act of meditating on or pondering Contemplation
Created by: HuskerChamp1