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ACC-1461 Drug Effect

ACC-LVN-1461-LEVEL 1- Therapeutic Effect Of Medications

What is the THERAPEUTIC EFFECT of Antihypertensives Improves cardiac output & exercise tolerance. Aldosterone is also reduced, thus permitting a potassium-sparring effect.
What is the THERAPEUTIC EFFECT of anticoagulants Prophylactic treatment, as an antithromboltic agent used after certain surgeries. An effective anticoagulation agent
What is the THERAPEUTIC EFFECT of cardiacglycosidess Increases the contractility of the heart muscle and has anti-tiarrhthmic properties that result from its effects on the AV node.
What is the THERAPEUTIC EFFECT of Diuretics Metabolized in the liver and excreted primarily through the urine. Significantly bound to plasma protein.
What is the THERAPEUTIC EFFECT of Corticosteroids There are 2 sub-groups= (Glucocorticoids) regulates the metabolic pathways involving protein,carbs,& fat. (mineralocorticoids)involved in electrolyte & water balance.
What is the indications of Opioid Analgesics *To prevent or treat bronchospasm in patients with reversible obstructive airway disease. *To prevent exercise-induced bronchospasm. *Hyperkalemia
What is the side effects of Opiod Analgesics Drowsiness, dizziness, constipation, confusion, hypotension, euphoria, Dysphoria, diplopia
What is the THERAPEUTIC EFFECT of NSAIDS Decreased pain and inflammation.Reduction of fever
What is the THERAPEUTIC EFFECT of Gastric Acid Pump Inhibitors Diminished accumulation of acid in the gastric lumen, which lessened acid reflux. Healing of duodenal ulcers&esophagitis.Decreased acid secretion in hypersecretory condition
What is the THERAPEUTIC EFFECT of Antiemetics Decreased incidence and severity of nausea and vomiting following chemotherapy or surgery
What is the THERAPEUTIC EFFECT of Laxatives softening and passage of stool
What is the THERAPEUTIC EFFECT of Antipyretics Analgesia, antipyresis
What is the THERAPEUTIC EFFECT of Antibiotics Death of susceptible bacteria
What is the THERAPEUTIC EFFECT of Anticonvulsants Diminished seizure activity. Termination of ventricular arrhythmias
What is the THERAPEUTIC EFFECT of Opioid Analgesics Decrease in severity of pain without a significant alteration in level of consciousness or respiratory status
What is the THERAPEUTIC EFFECT of Bronchodilators Decreased bronchospasm. Increased ease of breathing
What are the indications for Antihypertensives Alone or with other agents in the management of hypertension, management of CHF. Reduction or risk of death or development CHF following MI
What is the MOA of Antihypertensives They prevent a hormone being released in the body and therefore help to open up the blood vessels
What are the side effects of Antihypertensives Dry cough, acute allergy to tablets with swelling around the mouth and throat, dizziness, fatigue, hypotension, taste disturbance&proteinuria
What are the nursing implications of Antihypertensives Obtain blood pressure and pulse prior to administration. Monitor weight and output in clients with CHF. Monitor serum BUN and creatinine levels as may increase, serum K may be elevated. Serum Na may be decreased
Created by: monica_acc