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Science exam T. 13

science exam review vertebrate test

Which of the following animals is a marsupial? koala
Which of the following animals is an amphibian? frog
Which of these has a shorter, more rounded or blunt snout, and whose teeth are all covered when the mouth is closed? alligator
Which of these has "soft", leathery scales covering its body? snake
An animal without legs that has gills to breathe and a body covered with hard scales a fish
An animal that is covered with hair or fur, breathes with lungs, and produces milk to fee her young is mammal
An animal that lives a double life starting as a tadpole in in the water and later changing into a land animal is a amphibian
An animal that has scaly skin, breathes with lungs, and lays eggs that have a leathery covering is a reptile
The skeletons of vertebrates are made from either bone or cartilage True
Because they have no teeth, birds grind the foods they have swallowed in this organ gizzard
All birds can fly False
For their size, most mammals have smaller brains than other vertebrates. False
The age of a turtle can be determined by counting the number of scales on it's shell. False
The age of a fish can be determined by counting the rings on one scale of its body. True
The backbone of a turtle is separate from the shell covering the body. False
Lizards are different from snakes because lizards have legs
Whales breathe with lungs
What is an animal with a backbone called? vertebrate
What is a strong by flexible column of of individual bony units, or vertebrae? backbone
What is an internal skeleton made of bone and cartilage? endoskeleton
What are the five main groups of vertebrates? fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals
Why do most amphibians live near fresh water? Their eggs and larvae need water to survive.
Which of the following characteristics is only found in birds? They have feathers
Which of the following helps keep a mammal's body temperature stable? fur and hair
Which of the following is not one of the three main parts of an endoskeleton? mantle
The main respiratory organs of a fish are the gills
In vertebrates, blood is pushed througha closed circulatory system by the heart
The blood vessels that carry blood to and from the heart are arteries and veins
The organ in which most food breakdown occurs and nutrients are absorbed is the small intestine
The organ that filters urea from the blood is the kidney
Then sound reaches the ear the ear sends impulsed through sensory nerves to the brain.
Almost all vertebrates reproduce through sexual reproduction
An embryo develops specialized cells through differentiation
Parenting skills of birds and mammals differ from those of fish and reptiles in that birds and mammals have fewer offspring, so they parent longer
Which of these is not a type of mammal reptile
To which group of mammals do humans belongs? placental
Besides maintaining body temperature, some birds' feathers help them to do which of the following? fly
Created by: pettaforever