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Gr 5 Science

Virginia SOL Practice: Grade 5 Science

What is mass? The density and volume of an object (weight)
What does a balance measure? The mass of an object
What unit usually measures mass for scientists? Grams
How does sound travel? In waves
What is a form of energy that is produced and transmitted by vibrating matter? Sound
What does a centimeter ruler or metric stick measure? Distance
From what do sound waves move out in all directions? Source
What is the frequency of a vibrating object? Pitch
What type of wave is a sound wave? Compression
What does sound need to travel? Matter/something to vibrate
When is sound amplified? When it resonates
What happens when you increase the loudness? You increase the amplitude
What happens when you increase the frequency or speed of vibrations? You increase the pitch
Why does sound travel more slowly through a gas? Because the molecules are more spread out
What phase of matter has molecules close together? Solid
What color has the shortest wavelength? Violet
Which color has the longest wavelength? Red
White light is a combination of what colors? Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet
Unlike sound, how do light waves travel? In straight paths
Does light need a medium to travel through like sound? No, it travels best in outer space or in a vacuum
Which travels faster, sound or light? Light
What do you call an object that allows some light to pass through? Translucent
What do you call an object that allows all light to pass through? Transparent
What is the name of a lens that curves inward? Concave
What is the name of a lens that curves outward? Convex
Created by: sdlr