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Science exam T. 12

science exam review chapter 12

What happens when bacteria reproduces by binary fusion one cell produces two cells
A way to prevent viral infections is through... vaccinations
True or False: Bacteria change oxygen into nitrogen False
What organisms can live where nothing else lives? Archaea
All bacteria have how many cells? one cell
Which of the following is NOT a shape of bacteria: Crystal Spirilla Cocci Bacilli Crystal
Which of the following is NOT a shape of viruses? crystal spirilla sphere cylinder Spirilla
True or False: They do not live on their own. True
Why are viruses hard to fight? Viruses are large and change slowly
What is one way bacteria help the environment? The change nitrogen to a form plants can use
What type of medicine is used to kill bacteria? antibiotic
What is an example of bioremediation? Using microorganisms to clean up an oil spill.
What is an example of genetic engineering? adding nitrogen-fixing bacteria to the soil before planting crops.
Where do viruses reproduce? inside a host cell
Bacteria that make their own food are... producers
Bacteria that break down dead organisms are... decomposers
An organisms with no nucleus is a... prokaryote
An organism that invades a cell and uses it to create more organisms is a... virus
Bacteria that causes disease are... pathogenic bacteria
The use of bacteria to change harmful chemicals to harmless ones is... bioremediation
What process splits one single-celled organism into two single-celled organisms? binary fission
A cell with a nucleus is a... eukaryote
Archaea that live in ocean vents and hot springs are... heat lovers
Archaea that live in swamps and animal intestines are... salt lovers
Bacteria that eat other organisms or live in or on the body of another organism are... consumers
In what process do bacteria change nitrogen into a form plants can use? nitrogen fixation
What are bacteria that cause disease? pathogenic bacteria
How have scientists made certain plants resistant to disease-causing bacteria? by genetic engineering
What keeps people from getting many bacterial disease? vaccination
Spherical-shaped bacteria are... cocci
Rod-shaped bacteria are... bacilli
Spiral-shaped bacteria are... spirilla
Created by: pettaforever