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Jackie chan


Silk road the most well know trading route of ancient Chinese civilization.
The great wall of china the biggest wall in china.
levee a wall built along a river bank to prevent flooding.
loess a fine, yellow soil that is easily carried by wind and rain found in china.
oracle bones in ancient china, a cattle or sheep bones to predict the future
mandate of heaven The belief that the Chinese emperors right to rule came from the gods.
emperor Qin's terracotta army a collection of 800 terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of qin shi huang
analects selected passages from the writings of an author or of different authors
famine a widespread lack of food resulting in hunger and starvation.
Huang river The Huang He is the world's sixth-longest river. Its 3,395 miles. Its source is the Kunlun Mountains, in western China. Its mouth is the Gulf of Bohai.
north china plain a geographical region of China. The heartland of North China is the North China Plain.
steppe a dry, grassy treeless plain found in Asia and eastern Europe.
ordos desert a desert and steppe region lying on a plateau in the south of the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China.
plateau an area of flat land that rises above the surrounding land.
dynasty a line of rulers who belong to the same family.
erosion The gradual wearing away of soil and rock by wind, glaciers,or water
stir fry food with meat and vegtables in a fast cooking way.
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