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Yearly Review

what is a animal with no backbone invertebrate
what is a animal with a backbone vertebrate
This group of animals live in the ocean and are vertebrates fish
this group of animals live in a shell for life and are soft on the inside mollusks
this group of invertebrates have 8 legs. arthropods
these are the only animals with feathers. birds
these animals give birth to live babies. mammals
these animals go through metamorphosis and have backbones amphibians
These animals all live in the ocean and include sea stars. echinoderms
what is a behavior that is learned learned behavior
what is energy that moves. kinetic
energy that comes from the sun solar
energy that comes from electrical currents electrical
what is energy that comes from hot surfaces. heat
this is a magnet that comes from electricity electromagnet.
what does H mean on a map. high pressure
what does L mean on a map low pressure
what simple machine is a seesaw lever
this simple machine slopes inclined plane
the place where pollen comes from anther.
where does the pollen go to, too fertilize a egg. ovule.
what measures wind anemometer.
what tells the direction of the wind wind vane.
what is a tool that measures temperature. thermometer.
A tool that measures relative humidity sling psychrometer.
A tool that measures air pressure barometer.
breezes that come at night in the winter. land breeze.
this is a breeze that comes in the day during warm summer days. sea breeze.
the hottest layer in the atmosphere. thermosphere
The layer of atmosphere we live in troposphere.
The outer most layer of atmosphere exosphere.
Created by: Brad11