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Sci-severe weather

mrs. hacker's science severe weather 7A

What is weather that can cause property damage and even death? severe weather
Which atmospheric condition produces thunderstorms? warm, moist air near Earth's surface and an unstable atmosphere
Which type of cloud is most likely to produce a thunderstorm? cumulonimbus cloud
What is a usually brief and heavy storm with rain, strong winds, lightning, and thiunder is called? thunderstorm
What is an electric discharge between two oppositely charged surfaces called? lightning
Where are three places where lightning can happen? Between a cloud and the ground, between two clouds, and between two parts of the same cloud
What is the sound caused by air rapidly expanding along a lightning strike called? thunder
What are four dangerous condiditons that a severe thunderstorm can produce? they can produce high winds, hail, flash floods, and tornadoes
What is a destructive, rotating air column with very high wind speeds that touches the ground? tornado
In ehat percent of thunderstorms do tornadoes occur? 1%
What is the relationship between a funnel cloud and a tornado? When a funnel cloud touches the ground it becomes a tornado
What causes a column of air spinning like a roll of toilet paper to turn to a vertical position/ It is caused by strong updrafts of air in the cumulonimbus cloud
What happens when a spinning column of air moves to the bottom of the cumulonimbus clous? When this occurs a funnel cloud is formed
Why do most tornadoes in the US occur in the spring and early summer? It happens in spring and early summer because the cold, dry air from Canada meets the warm, moist air from the Trpoics.
Why are tornadoes able to cause so much damage? They can cause so much damage because of high winds, they can uproot trees and destroy buildings
In order to be called a hurricane, a storm must________. have wind speed of at least 120 km/h
What is a cyclone? a hurricane over the ocean
Hurricanes do not form in higher latitudes because___________. the water is too cold
What causes a group of thunderstorms to become a hurricane? The wind travels in two directions, they meet and cause the storms to spin
Created by: VOLLEYBALL99