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SRB Science Final

A review for our science final at SRB

What would you expect after an explosive eruption? darkened skys
What does acinder cone volcano have? steep slopes
What is a extinct volccano? a volcano that will probably never erupt agian
How are volcanoes created? repeated eruptions of lava
Where are volcanoes most likely to form? along plate boundarys
What would you expect after a noneplosive eruption? huge lava flows
Where does molten rock often gather? magma chamber
If the water content is high what is likley to happen? an explosive eruption
What type of lava flows most like dripping wax? pahoehoe
What type of lava is forms in jumbled heaps of sharp chunk near the vent? Blocky lava
What type of pyroclastic material means little stones? Lapilli
What is the pryoclastic material that can reach the upper atomsphere that circles the earth for years? Volcanic ash
Describe a possible climate change caused by a volcanic eruption? Ash blocks the sunlight causing temperature to drop.
When rock begins to melt... temperature and pressure decreases
What type of volcane will likely erupt in the near future? active volcano
what does a tiltometer measure? change in the volcanos slope
Where is a volcano likely to form? along plate boundarys
Lava theat has liquid runny consistency probably... has a low silica content
Volcanic activity along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. This activity occurs at a divergent boundary
Which of the following is NOT considered when predicting volcanic eruptions? atmospheric activity
How are volcanoes created? by many eruptions of lava
What is most likely to happen if the water content is high in magma? an explosive eruption
What is a rift? a crack in the earths crust
Mount Rainier and Mount St Helens are... composite volcanoes
How do scientists classify pyroclastic material? by size
Which type of volcano will never erupt agian? extinct
What does subduction mean when continental crust slides under oceanic crust
what is the term given to the temperature at wich condesation forms? Dew point
What is the term given to stratus clouds that are found at a very low level? fog
Where does a continental polar air mass form? North Canada
Does a anticyclone have high or low pressure? high
Does a cyclone have high or low pressure? low
What are the most powerful storms on earth? hurricanes
Which part of the hurricane has warm calm air and light winds? THE eye
A thunderstorm is most likley created by what type of cloud? cumulonimbus
What instument measures air pressure? barometer
when you see weather systems on the news where do they come from? weather sattelights
On a station modle what does the tail off the circle reprsent? wind speed and direction
What do tetonic plates consist of? continental and oceanic crust
Wegner thought that all thecontinents were once together in one large continent called? Pangea
Evidence for sea-floor spreading has come from? magnetic minerals on the ocean floor
A possible result of plates moving along a trnsform boundary is? earthquakes
What is the outermost layer of the Earth called? lithospere
What type of fault usually occurs because of compression? reverse
In a reverse fault,where does the hanging wall move realitive to the footwall? upward
In a normal fault, where does the hanging wall move relative to the footwall? downward
What kind of force can lead to mountians with sharp,jagged peaks? tension
What type of boundary is formed when plates seperate? divergent
What doees NOT provide evidence for continental drift oceanic plate theory
The consists of mostly of what? iron