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chapter 46 book

exam 7 alterations

patient has been diagnosed with simple glaucoma. She lives alone, takes medications for asthma, is on a fixed income, and walks to Catholic Mass on Sunday mornings. The nurse must be certain that the ophthalmologist is aware of Most importantly, the nurse wants to be certain that the patient takes medications for asthma because beta-adrenergic blockers are used topically to treat glaucoma.
a detached retina. The tear has occurred in the right posterior aspect of the retina. The nurse places the patient in which of the following positions? supine and head to the right
Which of the following aspects for health teaching regarding acute and chronic conjunctivitis is the most important information to be emphasized to a group of preschool parents? Mode of transmission
Which of the following statements by a patient with newly prescribed contact lenses indicates a need for additional teaching? I think it is so cool that my best friend, Taylor, and I have the same prescription. She has blue lenses and I have brown lenses, so we'll be able to trade to see what we would look like with different eyes.
The nurse providing postoperative teaching for a patient who has undergone LASIK surgery advises the patient to contact the office if he experiences: draining from the eye
The nurse's first action for a patient who presents to the Emergency Department with manifestations of corneal perforation is to: place the patient supine first then close the eye and cover it with gauze
Which of the following physical assessment maneuvers will allow the nurse to differentiate the ear pain of a patient with otitis externa from the ear pain of a patient with otitis media? Manipulation of the auricle, In external otitis, this maneuver increases pain, whereas the patient with otitis media experiences no change in pain perception.
Which of the following nursing diagnoses is the priority diagnosis for a patient with Ménière’s disease? Risk for Trauma
Which of the following suggestions should be taught by the nurse to the patient with tinnitus to assist the patient with coping with the symptom to promote concentration and sleep? Hearing aid that produces a tone to mask tinnitus
The public health nurse is preparing to teach the members of the local swim club about care of the ears. Which of the following statements would be appropriate for the nurse to include? avoid swimming for 7-10 days following an acute attack
A preschool-age child is undergoing bilateral myringotomy with tubes for the treatment of recurrent otitis media. The mother asks the nurse what the tubes will do. The nurse's best response is that the tubes will: equalize pressure between the middle ear and environment
When the patient who has undergone cataract extraction is preparing to go home, the nurse reinforces which of the following instructions? avoid sleeping on the operative side
The nurse is caring for a patient who has a hearing deficit. Which of the following techniques should be implemented by the nurse to improve communication? Use a low voice pitch with normal loudness. Use short sentences.
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