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tacrine Cognex


Cognex is also known as tacrine
Adult dose of Cognex PO 5 mg/d. May increase dose 5 mg per week to 20mg/d
Tacrine is used to treat mild to sever Alzeheimer's Disease
tacrine is a _________ inhibitor neurotranmitter inhibiter.
tacrine is pregnancy category B
Cognex t 1/2 60-80 h
Nursing Process- Assess Pt mental and physical abilities. Note limitation of cognitive function and self care.
Nursing Process - Assess hx of liver or renal disease or dysfunction
Nursing Process- Assess memory and judgment losses. From family see if a hx of behavioral changes (like memory loss, decline in interest in ppl or home, difficulty w/simple activites, or wandering).
Nursing Process - Assess Observe for signs of behavioral distrubances- hyperactivity, hostility, wandering.
Nursing Process - Assess check for Aphasia
Aphasia is difficulty in speech
Nursing Process - Assess pts motor function
Nursing Process - Assess determine family member's ability to cope w/pts mental & physical changes
Nursing Process- Planning - Client's memory will improve
Nursing Process- Planning - Client can maintain self-care of body functions w/assistance
Nursing Process - Interventions - maintain consistency in care
Nursing Process - Interventions - Assist in ambulation and activity
Nursing Process - Interventions - Side effects r/t continuouse use of AChE inhibitors
Nursing Process - Interventions - VS periodically- bradycardia & hypotension
Nursing Process - Interventions - behavioral changes decline or improvement
Side effects - advise pt to rise slowly to avoid dizziness and loss of balance
Side effects - monitor liver function routinely to test for hepatotoxicity
Created by: starz_1_girl