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Daniel's random 7

Leishmainia hepatosplenomegaly, pancytopenia, spiking fevers
leishmeinia dx macrophaegs containing amastigotes, peripheral blood smear
leishmeinia tx sodium stibogluconate
which drug metabolizer into phenobital and phenylethylmalonamide? primidone used for anticonvulsant
pneumo causes 40-65 Strep pneumo, H. influenzae, anaerobes, viruses, mycoplasma
S. pneumo >65 strep pneumo, influenza virus, anaerobes, H. influ,, gram negative rods
what do ATP ? ATP - tRNA activation (charging) by aminoacyl tRNA synthetase
and GTP do in protein translation
I hyperchylomicronemia chylomicrons, TG cholesterol increase, LPL deficiency or altered C2, presents with pancreatitis, HSM, eruptive/pruiritic anthomas; no increased risk for atherosclerosis
II familial hyperholesterolemia LDL, cholesterol, AD, absent or decreased LDL receptor; accelerated atherosclerosis, tendon (achilles) xanthoma; corneal arcus
hypertriglyceridemia VLDL, TG, hepatic VLDL overproduction; pancreatitis
abetalipoproteinemia deficiency in B100 and B48
babesia and lyme's disease ixodes tick
urease positive proteus, ureaplasma, nocardia, cryptococcus, h. pylori, klebsiella
non linear DNA viruses papilloma and polyoma (circular, supercoiled); hepadnaviruses - circular, incomplete
clonorchis sinensis undercooked fish; inflammation of biliary tract -> pigment gallstones -> associates w/ cholangiocarcinoma; praziquentel
taenia solium (cestode, tapeworm) tx praziquantel -> use bendazole for neurocysticercosis
leptospira interrogans weil's dz -> severe jaundice and azotemia from liver and kidney dysfunction
M protein group A strep; prevents phagocytosis
carcinoid tumor sheets of uniform cells; minimal to no variation in shape and size of tumor cells; from enterochromaffin cells of intestinal mucosa
btonchioalveolar carcinoma columnar cells that line the alveolar septa w/o vascular or stromal invasion; pneumonia like symptoms
B6 def convulsions, hyperirritability, peripheral neuropathy (INH and OCP), sideroblastic anemia (decreased Hb, increased Fe)
B6 needed for synthesis of? cystatione, heme, niacin, GABA
B6 function transamination, decarboxylation, glycogen phosphorylase
hunter's aggressive behavior; no corneal clouding
enzyme deficient in Hunter's iduronate sulfatase
roseola HHV6 high fevers for several days -> may cause seizures; followed by diffuse macular rash
obligate anaerobe features foul smell (short chain fatty acids), hard to culture, produce CO2 and H2 in tissue
giemsa borellia, plasmodium, trypanosomes, chamydia
segmented viruses BOAR bunyavirus (12), orthomyxovirus (8), arenavirus (2), reovirus (10-12)
yellow fever monkey or human
yellow fever black vomitis, jaundice
F fusion protein paramyxovirus
silver stain fungi, i.e. pneumocystis, legionella
onchocerca volvulus ivermectin, river blindness, blackflies, black skin nodules, black sight
blood supply to proximal 1/3 ureter renal artery
Created by: ilovemusic007



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