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Management Final1

hand out plus w/e she mumbled off near the end

Sherman tank They have a very strong sense of what others ought to do but often lack the caring and the trust that would be helpful in getting something done. They are confident and tend to devalue others who are not to make themself look superior. they ATTACK
Sniper This type uses innuendoes, digs, and tease in a non-playful way which is all aimed to hurt someone. They use hidden instead of frontal attacks. Their aim is to undercut you and make you look ridiculous.
Constant complainer They feel powerless and feel the need for attention. Although they point out their problems along with others' they seldomly ever act on the problems
The clam This person will refuse to open up and answer or discuss a problem. They use non-verbal communications (actions) which are usually facial expressions or sighs/huffs.
What are ethics?? Rules or principles that determine which human actions are right or wrong
What is an ethical delimma? A situation involving competing rules or principles that appears to have no satisfactory solution. Choice between two undesirable alternatives.
What resorces are available to help resolve ethical dilemmas? ANA Code of Ethics, Bill of Rights for Registered Nurses,International Council of Nurses Code for Nurses, Home Care Bill of Rights, Nuremberg Code
Quality improvements in risk management Incidence reports are an example. They help guide the departments to make system improvements. Methods: nursing audits, peer review, utilization review, outcomes management
Veracity The duty to tell the truth
Advocacy To play an advocate for another. Support clients rights, decisions, safeguard clients' autonomy and independence, give client infor of needs and options with health care
Autonomy Pts right to self-determination without outside control. Freedom of choice and decision
Beneficence To do good for pt
Justice The duty to treat all pts fairly, without regard to age, socioeconomic status, cultural beliefs, etc
Fidelity to be faithful to commitments
What must be present for something to be deemed as malpractice? You must have a duty, the duty must be breached, the breached duty must have been a foreseeable cause of the injury, and damage or injury must have occured
What constitutes malpractice? Professional negligence involving misconduct or lack of skill in carrying out professional responsiblities
Informed consent Informed consent is a legal procedure to ensure that a patient or client knows all of the risks and costs involved in a treatment obtained by the physician and witnessed by the nurse
ANA code of ethics outlines the values, concerns and goals of the profession
What is the ABCD system? A-Absolute (immediate priority), B- Better (ASAP), C- (can wait a second), D-Don't worry about it (delegate it to someone else)
Negligenct acts (definition) unintentional failure of an individual to perform an act that a reasonable person would or would not perform in similar circumstance
malpractice proof of liability professional negligence involving misconduct or lack of skill in carrying out professional responsiblilities.
Created by: Keller_KI