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Pharm cholinergics

atropine antimuscarinic - mydriasis, cycloplegia
oxybutynin reduce urgency in mild cystitis, reduce bladder splasms; antimuscarinic
glycopyrrolate reduce urgency in mild cystitis, reduce bladder splasms; antimuscarinic
metscopolamine antimuscarinic; peptic ulcer tx
pirenzepine antimuscarinic; peptic ulcer tx
propantheline antimuscarinic; peptic ulcer tx
ipratropium asthma, COPD, antimuscarinic
scopolamine motion sickness, antimuscarinic
bentropine antimuscarinic Parkinson's
tropicamide, homatropine eye- mydriasis, cycloplegia, antimuscarinic
neostigmine anticholinesterase; post op ileus, urinary retention, MG, reversal of NMJ blockate (from nondepolarizing cuarer- curium)
physostigmine anticholinesterase; atropine overdose
pralidoxime organophophate overdose; regenerates active ACHe
pyridostigmine MG, anticholinesterase
donepizil anticholinesterase; alzheimers
echothiphate glaucoma, anticholinesterase
erdrophonium MG diagnosis; anticholinesterase
pilocarpine glaucoma, sjogren's, use in CF diagnosis to get sweat; cholinergic agonist
carbachol glaucoma, pupillary contraction, relief of intraocular pressure; cholinergic agonist
bethanechol post op neurogenic ileus, urinary retention; cholinergic agonist
methacholine astham test; cholinergic agonist
organophosphates -parathion irreversible inhibits ACHe
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